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Tap Into The Power Of Scents And Relax Your Heart Muscles

Inhaling essential oils powerful scents triggers an emotional reaction throughout your body that sets off a positive physiological response. Discover oils that are essential to you for a reason, like boosting your mood, helping you sleep and easing the stress of the day. I find these oils relaxing, help you to focus especially during your meditation time, and slows a racing heart thereby lowering your high blood pressure.

The key in reaping all these great benefits is to find the specific aroma that truly connect to your physiology as profoundly as your medication.

Aromatheraphy helps you to be more aware of the mind-body connection.  Odors are part of our emotional memory and these emotions affects us.

Here is a great mix of oils to keep in your bag for you to sniff and heal. They will get you through the day when you need a time-out, to focus and be productive, want to change the odors around you and to also soothe in a moment.

Lavender and anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing oils; add some sandalwood which is soothing, some cedarwood - a calming scent.

Some Aromatic Oils

Young Living Everyday Essential Oils

I now use essential oils as my perfume, remember some fragrances do come from plants, and people do ask me what perfume am I wear. They say I smell so great. So do you like the fragrance of a field of lavender or like a blossoming orange grove.  Its your choice.

So go ahead and tap into the power of scents. Each of these oils have soothing effects and will help you to unwind at the end of the day.  The oils listed below are all calming and adaptive to the human body that will assist in your relaxation leading to the lowering of high blood pressure.

  • Lavender is one of my favorite oils, it does so much on its own. Become calm quicker with this floral fragrance. Studies have shown it reduces anxiety levels in heart attack patients. A home should never be without it.

  • Feels stuffy, then diffuse Eucalyptus essential oil to relieve congestion if you have sinusitis courtesy of its antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties.

  • Inhale the essence of this purple flower, Clary Sage to heighten happiness.

  • Blend Geranium and Lavender with unscented lotion and apply to skin to help moisturize the skin.

  • For a relaxing spa-like experience pair Geranium with other floral oils like Ylang Ylang and Lavender.

Ways You Can Benefit From These Perfect Scents

Young Living Diffuser

Diffuse your chosen oil and create a unique aromatic environment. Or spritz your sheets before you climb into bed at night.

Put a drop or two on a few cotton balls and stick them into your vacuum bag.  You'll infuse your home with your favorite aroma as you move from room to room.

Essential Dos And Don'ts

Do test on a small patch of skin before applying allover to check for a bad reaction.  If you experience itching, burning, swelling or redness of the skin, become nauseous or get a headache, stop use.

Don't ingest oils, they should only be taken orally under your doctor's supervision.

Sniff Essential Oils And Heal

Brian stimulation from inhaling essential oils

Science has recognize the benefits of essential oils.  With years of studies showing that aromatherapy can be used as part of an overall wellness approach to reduce anxiety, enhance sleep and so much more.

It works when you inhale molecules from these plant extracted liquids that signal your emotional part of the brain to help you achieve many desired results.

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