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Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper essential oil health benefits are many, especially if you are retaining fluid from the taking of high blood pressure medication.  Then this oil must be included in your treatment plan.  It has been used for centuries as a diuretic.

These plant based oils and human blood share several common properties.  They both fight infections, contain hormone-like compounds and initiate regeneration.  The ability of some of these oils to work as hormones helps them to bring balance to the many physiological systems of your body.

The oils plays the role in initiating the regeneration process for the plant, the same way the blood does in the human body.

The adding of a holistic approach to your treatment of hypertension includes a number of complementary and/or alternative treatments/therapies you can use in conjunction with your prescribed medication.

As always work with a health practitioner or therapist.

Essential oils uses are varied and sometimes performs as well as your diuretic medication, especially if you are experiencing fluid retention.

For many these oils are like medicines for mankind and will provide critical medical solutions in the future.  They could be the missing link of the modern health care, bringing allopathic and holistic practice together for optimal health.

Juniper Essential Oil Facts

Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma and J. scopulorum) has a woody scent that is mildly penetrating but has cleansing effect on your body, spirit and mind.

It is EarthKosher Certified.

In medieval times bundles of juniper berries were once hung over doorways to ward off witches.  Even the hospitals in France used to burn sprigs of juniper and rosemary to protect their patients from infection.

Medicinal Properties

Its medicinal properties were used to detoxify, purify, increase circulation through the kidneys, digestive cleanser/stimulant and also as an antiseptic.

Juniper gives these feelings of love and peace while elevating your spiritual awareness.

Be conscious of these calming effects on your blood pressure it is sure to be lowered.

Its Uses

You can inhale, diffuse, apply drops of this oil to your chakras and Vita Flex point.

The chemical structure of an essential oil is so great that it rapidly, like within five minutes, penetrate your cell membranes, traveling throughout your blood and tissues, enhancing cellular functions.

There is a powerful life-force inherent in these substances that gives your body a chance to heal itself.

Remember this oil is recommend for use if you have fluid retention, urinary/bladder infections. If you have any of these ailments, then you must always have a bottle of Juniper in your medicine cabinet.

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