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My Results On Using Acupressure On My Acupuncture Pressure Points

by Elizabeth Morris
(Chilliwack, Canada)

Since writing to you about my low blood pressure and using acupressure to treat it, I now have another wonderful story to tell about those same moves.

Since that dramatic first experience I wrote to you of, every now and then I would just do those three simple positions again that you described in treating the symptoms of low blood pressure.

About two weeks later I was stunned that the third position (which had previously been very, very sore when I really pressed) were not tender anymore at all. That proved to me that those moves had allowed my body to come into proper balance.

But now the greatest marvel since my initial experience: Last week I felt sort of tired and blah and could not figure out why.

I wondered if I had gotten enough restful sleep, etc, etc.

Then I happened to do those three acupressure moves again. On the second move atop my skull, I felt absolutely nothing.

About an inch out to the sides from the center-maybe an inch and a half- I felt two little indentations in the skull, one on each side (they are sort of the shape of a small almond). They hurt! Oh it hurt for a moment when I pressed.

Then a moment later my eyes and head totally cleared.

I felt perfectly fine and full of energy.

It was amazing.

My body and energy had totally changed within a few moments and have felt fine every since.

It's truly a miracle.

I can't wait to tell my doctor. She'll be thrilled. She is away for a few weeks with her family on summer holidays. She is a wonderful doctor and is totally behind all healing that can be done without resorting to medication.

But when medication is an absolute must, she always seems to prescribe exactly the best for her patients.

Recently a neighbor told me that my doctor is considered one of the very best of all the 60 or so MD's here in Chilliwack.

When she comes back to Chilliwack from her holidays I'll go and tell her all about this and I know she will be thrilled and pass it on to other patients who might benefit from it too.

So thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.

Elizabeth M

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