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Use Of Aspirin In Healthy
Patients Without Risk Factors
Is Not Suitable.


Use of aspirin in healthy patients without risk factors is not suitable.

A recent study which was published in the "Archives of Internal Medicine", Journal, emphasized the harmful effects of aspirin.

Aspirin increased the chance of internal bleeding, including bleeds on the brain.

Authors said that while there was a 20% reduction in non-fatal heart attacks in people taking aspirin, there was no reduction in deaths from heart attack, stroke or cancer. The risk of potentially life threatening internal bleeding increased by 30%. Source: Routine aspirin 'may cause harm'- By James Gallagher Health reporter, BBC News Health.

People without symptomatic cardiovascular disease should not use aspirin.

Murat response:

Thank you Murat for pointing out the dangers of taking aspirins.

My first response is once you start taking medications you are vulnerable to risk and side effects, whether you are healthy or not.

For instance aspirin can prevent your blood platelets from clotting and can also reduce pain, especially in the Elderly if they are suffering from arthritis.

At the same time aspirin has been proven to reduce the chances of a future heart heart attack when they are prescribed to prevent more clots.

The study further states that if you are at a high risk to have a stroke because you have had one before, or because your carotid arteries have narrowed - the carotid arteries are the main arteries from your aorta that provide blood to your brain - then most likely your doctor will prescribe aspirin.

Usually no more than a baby aspiring daily which is about 81 milligrams.

The prescribing of this pill is to further reduce your risk of a stroke by at least 30%.

For me I do not like the idea of taking a pill that will slow the clotting of my blood in case I am in an accident and get a cut.

But a healthy person should weigh all possibilities, consult with their physician, do a little research and then decide what is best for their own health.

You alone know your body and what is right for it and when it is out of balance.

So know what you are taking and be aware of how your body reacts.

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