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Effective Treatment For Impotence While Taking Blood Pressure Medication

Impotence usually rear its head either from stress, ill-health or after taking high blood pressure medications. There are known blood pressure drugs that list their side effect as a possible loss of sexual desire.

The question I have is, if you know of another option to maintain control of your blood pressure, that will also protect your sex drive why do you take the risk that these drugs impose?

Healthy men in their eighties and beyond can still function sexually, while men who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes are up to four times more likely to have some form of sexual dysfunction later in their lives.

Cigarette smoking.

Top culprits to this predispose sexual dysfunction are inactivity, obesity, arterial plaque deposits in the penis, low testosterone levels, use of some medications, alcohol consumption and smoking, to name a few.

At one time Viagra had an unprecedented popularity, but headaches and vision issues and blackouts caused by sudden drops in blood pressure occurred, especially when combined with other drugs. Now Viagra is labeled as too risky!

What most men fail to realize is it is far easier and safer to prevent all forms of sexual dysfunction with diet and a daily exercise routine.

The positive effects of exercise are many and available to men who are in their midlife. As you can see it is never too late to start exercising, there are benefits to be had.

Exercise not only helps in lowering high blood pressure but prevents impotence by keeping your arteries open, which keeps a good flow of blood circulating to the penis.

Can Impotence Be An Early Health Warning Sign?

What you should know is impotence can be an early warning sign of heart disease? Starting an exercise routine early may prevent it and at the same time ensure good cardiovascular health.

Men exercising.

As part of my online program to treat, prevent and reduce high blood pressure naturally in 42 days, I teach specific exercises that help men experiencing impotence, picture shown here is not the exercise I'm teaching its just a form of exercising shown here; even if they’re just beginning exercising late in life.

Burning more than 200 calories a day lower your risk of losing your libido even more. 

A Urology study completed in August 2000 stated, “they followed a group of men for almost ten years, and they had no subsequent problems with impotence when men participated in an exercise routine that burned 200 calories a day”.

The man who questions opinions is wise, the man who argues with facts is a fool.

-       Unknown

That study alone has shown how powerful exercising can be to your health. 


Most men stop taking or take their high blood pressure pills irregularly because they experience impotency. I know of two male family members who died in their early 40s from a heart attack because they stopped taking their blood pressure tablets or took them sporadic.

You can reverse heart disease, prevent diabetes and improve your sexual health with just a few lifestyle changes, doing nothing major, and relatively easy for you to significantly lower your risk of impotence.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, look at all aspect of your lifestyle, start consuming nourishing foods that are crucial in alleviating this issue and join my ‘How To Overcome High Blood Pressure’ online program today.


So please men don’t wait for a health crisis to make vital lifestyle changes. Whenever you suspect something is wrong, get it checked out immediately, and take an active role in staying healthy.

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