Overcome High Blood Pressure And Stimulate Your Body's Own Healing Process

Co-create Your Health And Re-create Your Life Now

Within 30 days, you could overcome high blood pressure, stimulate your body’s healing process, all the while on your way to restoring your normal blood pressure levels, normal blood sugars levels and treating other health issues, are all achievable.

Donna Williams.Holistic Health Coach, https://www.info-on-high-blood-pressure.com/Overcome-High-Blood-Pressure.htmlDonna Williams, Certified Holistic Health Coach

With my help you'll be able to heal yourself, co-create your health and re-create your life. Your body contains the blueprint for healing.

Can you relate to any of these? Experiencing any of these health issues – dizziness, dry cough, fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations, impotence, insomnia, nausea, swollen ankles, tremors, and; have you developed irregular heartbeats? And this is just a few of HBP developing health issues.

So how do you go about changing these side effects?

Let me explain my 30 days process of reversing your high blood pressure numbers. Consider this example.


I have taken swimming classes for years learning how to swim but for some reason learning how to turn and breathe escaped me. Then I took an adult one on one class and found the key.


My instructor rewired my mind on learning to swim. I learned to move through the water on my stomach, flipping onto my back to breathe, kicking my feet to keep moving, also engaging back hand overhead strokes while kicking my feet. Then turning over unto my stomach, relaxed, again gliding through the water.

Then with my comfort level increasing I learned how to align my body on top of the water to actually turn the top half of my body, always kicking my feet, to breathe.


Overcome high blood pressure online nutrition course is the same concept. After our health conversation, with you starting my program choosing one of the following 1,600, 2000 and 2,400 daily calories plan.

You are seeing results, then you may have blood pressure spikes, or a slowing down in your weight loss, or life challenges intervening, so we review your week of nutritional foundation intake. Its almost like you gliding through the water then flipping over unto your back, still kicking your legs to maintain your balance while assessing.


Then still kicking your legs but now engaging your overhead hand strokes…. You make adjustments to either your calorie intake, mind body relationship adjustments, or your doctor adjusting your medication, you find your key, you are back to gliding through the water.


Remember this, the specific changes you make are not the important point here. In actuality the point is to actually make the changes that healing requires.

Healing one’s body or one’s life challenges requires daily practice and attention. It is a full-time occupation, but the steps required to accomplish the task can be simplified.

This is how you make real and positive changes in both your blood pressure and your whole well-being.

The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison


Seven Steps To Ultra-Wellness

Scientific studies have pointed to a number of factors that create all chronic diseases, of which high blood pressure is one, but they are not what we usually think of as causing your conditions. So to overcome high blood pressure we must rebalance these seven key areas:

  1. Remove your nutritional deficiencies

  2. Regulate your hormones.

  3. Reduce your inflammation

  4. Improve your digestion.

  5. Maximize detoxification.

  6. Enhance your energy metabolism - managing your weight.

  7. Reduce the chatter, negatives from your mind; in essence soothe your mind so you are kind to yourself.


Not only did this program help me lose 15 pounds, but also I am now taking a lower dose of prescribed medication – hoping that within the year my doctor will recommend me not having to take them. My joint aches are gone, thank you. - Michelle Lewis, Hialeah, VA


I’m crying with a joyful heart because my blood pressure situation has changed so much for me, I cannot express it. I am so glad I chose to do this program. - Christina Perry, Deer Park, NY

You may ask "Is it truly possible to overcome high blood pressure and prevent disease?"  


I say resounding YES... What I know for sure is, it is possible to reverse your high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, probably be prescribed a lower dosage of medication or even be completely taken off drugs. Everyone wants transformation, but no one actually wants to do the work that changes require.

Strengthening your immune system, increasing the production of your well-being enzymes in the brain, is more than diet and exercise.

Modifying health behaviors gradually and in a sustainable way, along with these personal changes in diet or exercise rarely cause side effects. If anything it make medications work more effectively, increase one's sense of well-being, have profound health and mental health benefits that goes beyond reducing high blood pressure.


The body must be nourished, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We're spiritually starved in this culture - not underfed but undernourished.

- Carol Hornig

High Blood Pressure Online Nutrition Course

My tailor-made online nutrition course program created specifically for you, consist of these and more:

  • Weekly - 7 days menu plan for 1,600, 2000 and 2,400 daily calories.

  • Recipes handbooks.

  • Exercise outlines. Instructions on practicing five powerful rites to balance your chakras and assist in regaining vibrancy.

  • Daily health affirmations and meditation audio practices. Here are some of the topics that's covered - Concepts of truth, Fear of Healing, Creating new change, Healing power, Life can be sweet, Gratitude journal, and New Beginnings.

  • Record keeping charts.

  • Details and instructions on complementary and beneficial therapies.

  • Bodywork from head to toe that includes reflexology, yoga, acupuncture and acupressure and massages.

  • Weekly 20 minutes live video support call.

  • Links to download eBooks on: HBP Guidebook Towards Optimum Health, and The Essence of Meditation.

  • We are in contact with you every day for the 30 days. you are not alone, we walk the journey daily with you.


  • Emailing me over the 30 days of this course with critical non-medical questions. I'll also be emailing you with lots of supportive help along the way.

Please be aware, and this in your best interest, you should only accept your doctor's opinion if you are to stop taking your medication. I will never tell you to stop taking your medication.


Overcome high blood pressure while stimulating your body’s own healing process in 30 days can be yours. Its a whole new way to prevent disease. Sign up online here.

Why wait another day? You've got an important decision to make.

My High Blood Pressure Journey

My Mother died in 1996 from ovarian cancer, and right after her death I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.


My journey of side effects started, just like the ones mentioned above. My then doctors didn’t know what to do with me.


I intuitively knew I would not continue to live or even have a fulfilled happy life. So I started my research on the many different ways to control and overcome high blood pressure.


How I activated my healing process and overcome my high blood pressure is the plan I'll be sharing with you throughout this course. I'll help you plan for longevity, become fit and enjoy a healthy life.

  • Do you know that just eating two plant-based meals a week can have a major effect on blood pressure numbers within two weeks?  
  • How about cleaning up the unhealthy relationship you may have with food and overcome high blood pressure for good.

If you expect any healing and a new life, the first thing you need is an open, receptive place where something can happen. By choosing to believe, we breathe our breath into that belief, giving that belief authority. So live the spirit of health, happiness and abundance until they become yours.


Of course there is no guarantee that a diet haphazardly chosen from today's food will meet the needs of your body. But correcting unhealthy nutritional habits can realign the blueprint of the body's specific genetics. Everything that is eaten impacts the body's ability to facilitate healing.  


Amazing healing happens with corrective genetic alignment that treats diseases that are associated with inflammatory diets and the way the body process fats and cholesterol.

InfoonHBP meticulously puts together a meal plan, along with health affirmations, teaches having healthy relationships, becoming more aware of your spirituality, the importance of physical activity, and whole life building skills.  

It is a commitment to yourself to overcome high blood pressure.


Overcome high blood pressure to stimulate your healing process work with you on reversing the effect of the underlying cause of coronary artery disease - inflammation. And, other chronic diseases like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, to name a few.


In my 30 days online course to overcome high blood pressure you'll learn specific measures that preventive medical specialist recommends. I'll show you how to include these preventative measures and other complementary and beneficial therapies so you may overcome high blood pressure.

  • How to find a whole new way to reverse chronic diseases, of which high blood pressure is one?
  • How to not have to take multiple prescription medications daily to keep you going.
  • How to live a vibrant lifestyle and not wasting away in a nursing home.  
  • How to say ... I intend to live a healthy extra decade?


Reconnect to the disease-free loving perfection from which you came. Allow health to stream into your life, purchase overcome high blood pressure online program now.

Why wait another day? You've got an important decision to make.

When You Overcome High Blood Pressure You'll Be Able To ...

  • Now focus totally on living life to its fullest.
  • Have a healthy body that allows you to travel without having to pack lots of medications.
  • Learn another language.
  • Pursue a new hobby or even fulfill your passion, because now your mind is released from the many discomfort of having a chronic disease.


When you overcome high blood pressure you'll want to stay an Overcomer4Life, by continuing with the fundamentals of the program so that you'll stay disease free. All that is likely, possible along with so much more.


You should know that every single individual, meaning YOU, has within them the potential to be their own healer. Let me help you find that intuitive knowing healing power.


Imagine this ... Once you have accepted your power to heal yourself and optimize your health, you then become someone who is capable of healing others as well.

Present Day Medical Studies:

Stroke, brain hemorrhage, loss of vision, heart attack, bulging vessels in the chest, kidney failure are some of the listed complications of hypertension.


Even if you survive any of these complications, the social and economic implications of living with a stroke related disability are even more painful. 

Let me show you how to unlock the doorway to the path of new beginnings, to health and overcome high blood pressure. Say "YES" to reversing your high blood pressure.

Why wait another day? You've got an important decision to make.

P.S.  Visualize Your Health Now

Visualization will not work if you practice it only once a week, and no one’s body becomes fit from only one trip to the gym. Healing your body requires daily practices and attention.

So imagine the future of your health. Change your consciousness.  It is your vision and expectations for the future that really heals and keeps you moving forward.


A whole new body is created every seven years, because cells keep replacing themselves daily. So lets plan and take the steps necessary to build a brand new you starting from the inside.


So ask yourself: 

  • If I were in optimal health, what would my life look like? Pretend you are a child creating your life exactly as you want it to be with no holds barred.
  •  How would my life be?  Your inner guidance knows exactly what's your heart's desire. This exercise is powerful. When your thoughts are focus you create your reality.


Here is a little known secret. "It has been said that if you can hold a thought or feelings for at least seventeen seconds without introducing a contradicting thought or emotion, then you'll see evidence of this thought manifest around you in the physical world".


Re-creating your life by making your body whole is possible, even though you might now be experiencing challenging side effects.  I know this to be true.

  • Are you taking two to three medications daily? How would you like to cut the cost of your medications? What about only taking one medication to control your blood pressure numbers or none at all?
  • How would it feel to live dis-ease free with lowered blood pressure levels and the managing of your stress levels?


Taking charge of your health with a plan on how to accomplish this path to longevity and dis-ease free living is here. 

Food can either be your healer or your poison.


Excluded from this reversibility are individuals who have advanced valve damage, a genetic defect, or electrical pathway disease.

A Healthy Meal. https://www.info-on-high-blood-pressure.com/Overcome-High-Blood-Pressure.html

Please be aware, and this in your best interest, you should only accept your doctor's opinion if you are to stop taking your medication.


Let your imagination soar! Within 30 days you could be living a vibrant lifestyle? Savoring an improved health. You decide. You've got an important decision to make. Sign up online now.

Why wait another day? You've got an important decision to make.

Invest In Your Health And Overcome High Blood Pressure Today.


Frequently Asked Questions.

When does How To Overcome High Blood course start and finish? The course starts as soon as you join and finishes 30 days from the date of joining. 


How long do I have access to the course? How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Its yours to keep and refer back to it whenever you want. 


And if you miss a lesson or are too busy to get to it that day, your lesson will be there in your account. You won't have to search for it when you are ready to get back to it.


Your How To Overcome High Blood Pressure, Healing And Nutrition Plan Program experience begins immediately after you click the purchase button above.

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We can’t wait to get started on stimulating the healing process of your body and your life as a Health Warrior!


Always my best,


Whoever said life is short is not aware of just how long you can live, and how well, when you are Dis-ease free.

Overcome High Blood Pressure Guarantee To You

Donna Williams.Holistic Health Coach, https://www.info-on-high-blood-pressure.com/Overcome-High-Blood-Pressure.html

I am very confident that my 30 days to supercharge your health and overcome high blood pressure will result in lower measurements, just like I was able to do.

Excluded from this reversibility are individuals who have advanced valve damage, a genetic defect, or electrical pathway disease.


So, if at the end of the second week you feel I am not delivering on what I have promised, you have up until 5pm, EASTERN on the first day of the third week of the program, to withdraw in writing to Donna@info-on-high-blood-pressure.com, no reasons needed, and then you can apply the funds to any future High Blood Pressure products and services within one year from the date you made your purchase.


So again, this is RISK-FREE. That is my GUARANTEE TO YOU!