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Discover The Simple Yet Powerful Eating Approach That Will Change How You Think About Meals Forever, While Eating Your Way To Optimal Health!

Can you imagine enjoying a mindful eating program filled with 4 weeks of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. While you are being guided to confidently create your very own Tailored Taste Templates journey with Personalized Profiling. 

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An intuitive process where you'll list your preferred proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, effectively painting a picture of your ideal meal components. Once your templates are ready, recipe generation becomes effortless.

Along with your Personal Food Preference Workbook, an essential companion inside this whole plate plan. This workbook is designed to be your guide as you venture on an exciting path of discovering and embracing the foods that nourish your body and that you love.

Reacting to my fear of a heart attack, I created this Mindful Eating Program that revolves around creating a harmonious mix of foods on the whole plate, a personalized guide to meal preparation and recipe creation, designed to align perfectly with your palate and lower your cholesterol levels.

Just over a year ago I discover my cholesterol was high, reading of 252, and the prescribed statin medication I was taking had my nostril spotting blood within days of starting the treatment.

Immediately I stopped taking the medication. My body was rejecting this treatment and from my study on the complex role cholesterol plays as a primer to heart disease I got to work on putting together the best meals that not only nourish the body but also delight the taste buds. A system that puts your personal likes, dislikes, and nutritional goals at the forefront of meal planning.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition advice, struggled with maintaining a balanced diet, or just want to enhance your overall well-being through better eating habits, you're in the right place. Welcome to "The Whole Plate," a 30-day Mindful Eating program uniquely designed to revolutionize your relationship with food. To help you age gracefully, live longer, healthier, and more fulfilled.

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What Makes The Whole Plate Different?

The Whole Plate program is founded on the principle of simplicity and balance in our daily meals. It moves away from the idea that healthy eating requires extravagant, complicated recipes or strict adherence to rigid dietary rules. Instead, it focuses on understanding the fundamental principles of nourishing a meal and how to apply this knowledge to every plate you prepare, no matter where you are.

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At the core of this approach is the emphasis on balance. We teach you how to build your meals around various food groups, ensuring you get a harmonious mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This isn't about meticulous calorie counting or restrictive eating; it's about understanding different foods' roles in your health and how they can work together to fuel your body effectively.

What makes The Whole Plate truly liberating is its adaptability. This isn't a diet confined to the four walls of your home kitchen; it's a lifestyle approach you can carry wherever you go. Whether dining out, traveling, or at a family gathering, the principles you learn will enable you to make balanced choices without feeling restricted. It's about having the knowledge and confidence to navigate any menu or pantry and put together a meal that aligns with your health goals.

In essence, The Whole Plate is about giving you the freedom to eat in a way that's both enjoyable and beneficial for your health. It's about equipping you with the knowledge to create balanced, nourishing meals without complex recipes or a rigid set of rules. This program is designed to empower you with the skills and confidence to make healthy eating a natural and enjoyable part of your everyday.

When we are focused on food or avoiding food, we just can’t focus on living our lives. We just can’t… We eat to fuel our lives and provide ourselves with the energy to do whatever we need and want to do. 

About The Program!

The Whole Plate is a 30-day program is how mindful eating eases us into a healthier lifestyle week by week. Here's how it'll go:

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Week 1: Orientation and the Basics of Balanced Meals!

In the first week, we set the stage for your journey towards better health. This week is all about orientation and getting comfortable with the basics of creating balanced meals. I introduce you to the foundational principles of nutrition, focusing on how to build a well-rounded meal without feeling overwhelmed.

Week 2: Focus on a Balanced Breakfast!

Week 2 focuses on starting your day right with a balanced breakfast. This week, we emphasize the importance of the day's first meal and how it sets the tone for your nutritional choices. By the end of this week, the goal is to establish a habit of eating a balanced breakfast daily.

Week 3: Adding a Balanced Lunch!

Building on the previous week's focus on breakfast, Week 3 introduces the concept of a balanced lunch. We'll guide you on incorporating the principles learned in Week 1 into your midday meal. The idea is to create a seamless transition from a balanced breakfast to a nutritious lunch, compounding the benefits of your efforts.

Week 4: Focus on a Balanced Dinner!

In Week 4, we complete the picture by focusing on a balanced dinner. This week is all about understanding how to end your day with a meal that is as nutritious as enjoyable. We'll discuss how to create satisfying dinners without being overly heavy, helping to promote better sleep and digestion.

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By the end of the month, you will have gradually built up to eating three well-balanced, healthy meals each day. The step-by-step approach of The Whole Plate Program ensures that these changes are manageable and sustainable.

You won't just have a collection of meals; you'll have developed lasting habits that make healthy eating a natural and enjoyable part of your daily life. This approach ensures that the transition to a healthier lifestyle is gradual yet impactful, leading to lasting changes without feeling overwhelmed.

This Is For You If:

The Whole Plate Program is thoughtfully crafted for anyone who:

  • If you've ever felt that generic diet plans don't quite fit your lifestyle or food preferences, this program is for you. It's ideal for those who want an eating plan that aligns with their individual tastes, health goals, and daily routines.
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  • If you're looking to escape the restrictive diet cycle that offers short-term results but fails to provide sustainable solutions. It's designed for people who want to enjoy a variety of foods without feeling guilty or restricted.
  • Wants to join a community of like-minded individuals on a journey to better health. This program is perfect for those who value support, motivation, and shared experiences as part of their wellness journey.
  • The Whole Plate Program is for anyone who wants to transform their relationship with food and embrace a way of eating that's as nourishing as enjoyable. It's about finding your unique path to health and wellness, with every meal being a step towards a happier, healthier you.

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Mindful Eating Program And You

Six months after my first blood test and being on this whole plate eating plan, my cholesterol reading dropped to 238 from 252, then another six months later it is at 232, and that is without taking any medication. I'm aiming for my total reading to be in the 180s with my HDL cholesterol - this is the good one, being much greater than the LDL - the bad cholesterol in another six months.

Mindful attention can reveal unsuspected richness and evoke deep appreciation for things you were previously unaware of or for almost any experience. This will be your own very personal journey.

The Details!

Join Now The Mindful Eating Plan - To Eat Well To Live Well!

Now there’s no better time to begin addressing and listening to your body’s needs, while recognizing your cravings and triggers. Join mindful eating today. The investment for The Whole Plate is $797. This price includes access to all four modules, weekly Q&A sessions, and my support throughout the program. 

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Shelly and Mike say they both love to eat and said:’ We both were overweight before starting the program and living with high blood pressure for over 15 years. Now we’re healthier and enjoy food even more because we are eating mindfully. Somehow with mindfully eating we recognize earlier when we are full and are eating more wisely and moderately. Losing weight, haven’t reached our goal as yet, but breathing and moving more easily.’

Patricia said she always ate on a schedule, never allowing herself to get hungry. She said ‘one day I found myself looking into the refrigerator trying to decide what to eat. When I realized what I was doing, I paused and asked myself…am I hungry? I wasn’t, so I knew I needed something else to do beside eating. I remembered my upcoming book meeting club get-together and realized I hadn’t finishing reading my book. I got to reading and the time flew by….I didn’t need to eat. I truly felt full.’

‘When I was counting and measuring my food, I made sure to eat all of it, but even then, I never felt satisfied. I worried about my weight, health, and what I would be allowed to eat next. This preoccupation only made things worse. When I learned to eat mindfully, I stopped worrying and could focus on eating what I needed.’ – Wendy, New York.

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Donna Williams is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in helping her community, especially individuals needing help in managing their high blood pressure levels, who are seeking improvements in their energy level, weight management, cardiovascular health and the slowing down of the aging process.

Her mantra is - Eat Well To Live Well!

Donna was able to lose weight and manage her high blood pressure numbers from just eating well.

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