Mindful Eating What You Love While Living And Thriving With High Blood Pressure

A mindful eating program for you to thrive while living with high blood pressure. It's genuinely about nourishing your body and mind. It is the groundwork for the management, gaining an awareness of what, how and where to invest your energy in feeling better and understanding how to get the results you want.

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  • Build a powerful foundation in nourishing your body, mind, heart, and soul, observing your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.
  • Eating with intention and attention.
  • Increase your enjoyment and satisfaction with your meal. 


Mindful eating begins with awareness of your physical state, thoughts, feelings, and the selection and preparation of your food.

When we are focused on food or avoiding food, we just can’t focus on living our lives. We just can’t… We eat to fuel our lives and provide ourselves with the energy to do whatever we need and want to do. 

With mindful eating 3 weeks online program, you’ll:

  • Create meals that you love and enjoy.
  • Have an atmosphere that frees you from thinking of foods as good or bad. 
  • Set the pace.


While you are enjoying eating your meal, you’ll stay aware of the appearance, aroma, flavors and textures of your food as well as your satiety signals to help you know when you have had enough.

Mindful eating is not about portion control, calorie counting and diets, that just take away all the excitement of the approaching holiday season.

Even though many people say they love to eat, and I am one of those people, we don’t often act like we enjoy our food. When eating we gobble down the food, not noticing the taste, texture or are doing other things, like watching television, working or even driving.

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We eat out of habit or emotions, and not because we are hungry or because the food looks so good. These habits have serious consequences when you are being treated with medication for high blood pressure.

Mindful eating helps you to focus your attention and awareness on the present moment, and help you discover a satisfying relationship to food and eating than you can ever imagine.

It increases the positive emotions you have around food, like joy and pleasure, while decreasing the negative ones, like shame, anxiety, and guilt.

Would you like to increase the positive emotions you have around food, like the delight in the texture, bursting taste of the food on your tongue, while decreasing the negative thoughts like guilt, anxiety, and shame?

thrive with mindful eating

Mindful Eating Program And You

Mindful attention can reveal unsuspected richness and evoke deep appreciation for things you were previously unaware of or for almost any experience.

This will be your own very personal journey.

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  • You are going to discover how pleasurable it is to eat mindfully, savoring every forkful of food, relearn your natural ability to eat just the right amount of food and meet your other needs in a fulfilling way.
  • You’ll find joy in physical movements that increases your body’s capacity to grow stronger and more flexible.
  • A full meal plan, and a shopping list for every suggested meal. It is whole or living foods direct from nature that contain more nutritional content and value than processed foods.
  • Daily health affirmations.

thrive with mindful eating

What Will Happen While Eating Mindfully

With mindful eating you are going to drop weight, sleep better and be more energetic with the food choices you are now enjoying that goes a long way in helping you feel better living in your body.

Consciously cook extra food so you’ll have leftovers for lunch or dinner instead of eating out. And open yourself to a place of conscious gratitude for the food you are about to eat.

Replenish your body with water and herbal tea throughout the day.


Shelly and Mike say they both love to eat and said:’ We both were overweight before starting the program and living with high blood pressure for over 15 years. Now we’re healthier and enjoy food even more because we are eating mindfully. Somehow with mindfully eating we recognize earlier when we are full and are eating more wisely and moderately. Losing weight, haven’t reached our goal as yet, but  breathing and moving more easily.’

Patricia said she always ate on a schedule, never allowing herself to get hungry. She said ‘one day I found myself looking into the refrigerator trying to decide what to eat. When I realized what I was doing, I paused and asked myself…am I hungry? I wasn’t, so I knew I needed something else to do beside eating. I remembered my upcoming book meeting club get-together and realized I hadn’t finishing reading my book. I got to reading and the time flew by….I didn’t need to eat. I truly felt full.’

‘When I was counting and measuring my food, I made sure to eat all of it, but even then, I never felt satisfied. I worried about my weight, health, and what I would be allowed to eat next. This preoccupation only made things worse. When I learned to eat mindfully, I stopped worrying and could focus on eating what I needed.’ – Wendy, New York.

thrive with mindful eating

Balancing Your Meals And Your Overall Health

Essential to your overall health and well-being is a healthy relationship with food all year long. But its critical at this time of the year…..

Now when I sit down to eat I can just look over my plate and know if its too much. And what I mean is, I already know if I eat all of it I’m going to feel stuffed and uncomfortable.

So with mindful eating you free yourself from overeating and also restrictive eating. Now you can focus on what it really takes to make you healthy. And by ‘healthy’ I mean you having a complete state of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellness, health of your body, mind, heart and spirit.


That doesn’t mean perfect health, it just means optimal health of your life given your individual situation. And you can have optimal health with high blood pressure through appropriate medical treatment, self-care, a positive outlook on life, meaning and purpose in your life and excellent emotional support and coping skills.

Now there’s no better time to begin addressing and listening to your body’s needs, while recognizing your cravings and triggers. Join mindful eating today.

thrive with mindful eating

Donna Williams is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in helping women of color who are seeking improvements in their energy level, weight management, cardiovascular health and the slowing down of the aging process.

Her mantra is - Eat Well To Live Well!

Donna was able to lose weight and manage her high blood pressure numbers from just eating well.

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