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The Tri-factor

by GBhalai
(Kgn, Jamaica)

Menopause, Depression and now High Blood Pressure!

At age 28 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. Did chemotherapy and then five years of tamoxifen. Life went back to normal for a while.

Having had bouts of depressive incidents was later joined with health issues of heavy bleeding, ovarian cysts and fibroids that ultimately led to a hysterectomy.

Here comes full blown menopause and not being able to have hormone replacement drugs to ease the effects meant bearing the blunt force trauma head on.

I was getting a bit concerned this past year as visits to my doctor showed a creeping incline of my blood pressure. My normal is what is considered low so now to be faced with it borderline high is high for me. The constant headaches different from a migraine is what tells me something is wrong.

Thanks to this article I will go back to my doctor and do checks in light of these additional possibilities.

InfoonHBP Response On The Effects Of Menopause And High Blood Pressure On Your Health And Body:

Hi GBhalai,

My heart goes out to you and your family, know that you are in my prayers, having both menopause and high blood pressure is not easy. Both can be lifetime and needs careful controls in place.

You are so strong and with the right treatment you will get back to a normal healthy life. Why I say this is because I can relate to parts of your story.

In 1999, I was in my early 40s, I had my first of two hysterectomies. I did not go on hormone replacement drugs - I did not want what made up those drugs then going into my body. So I did a lot of alternative treatments. Also I was already a high blood pressure sufferer.

From the many different alternative treatments some worked for a time and some didn't really work for me. In the end I went cold
turkey from the treatments of menopause. Know that I never came off my high blood pressure medications even with terrible side effects. My Doctor just changed to another medication.

There are tons of high blood pressure drugs out there. If you get terrible side effects tell your cardiologist and your drugs will be changed or adjusted.

Oh and during all of this I was also going to college at that time. Tell me about headaches, and insomnia, I relate.

Since then I still do some of those treatments, and today my normal complementary treatments include acupuncture, acupressure, essential oils, exercising, a healthy eating lifestyle and being aware of whenever tension start creeping into by body to note what is causing it. And, if possible removing myself from the situation or dealing with it immediately.

Not allowing stressful situations to linger is a big plus for me. Also whenever the back of my neck gets tight I massage my heart meridian point located in the center of my palm and massage my middle finger from bottom to top.

Check your blood pressure before doing this acupressure and check again after doing it and you'll see a dramatic difference in your measurements. Read this page on the magic of acupressure.

Now over ten years I still get hot flashes, the only thing that has changed is I no longer get panic attacks.

I say all that to say, go immediately to your physician and go well prepared. Work together on a plan to bring the effects of menopause and high blood pressure complications to minimal, with lots of protective measures to your heart and your body. While putting in place reversal treatments for high blood pressure, the non-return of cancer, returning you to as close as possible to excellent health.

GBhalai, returning to good health is possible, it just takes a little planning.

Please keep in touch and tell us of your journey. Also I am from Kingston, Jamaica.

Good Luck.

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