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Genetic Risks Are Real But You Can Defy Your Genes

Understanding your genetic risks and how it relates to high blood pressure and your overall health in general is key. You have about 20,000 to 25,000 genes packed into every chromosome in each cell, and the state of your health is linked to the information within them. 

Black family exercising.

Advancement in identification of genes, including what can cause diseases, along with the using of these genes to treat disease, makes your genetic profile important.

With the stride in genetic testing, researchers can now identify who is at risk for certain diseases as well as determine the best treatment to prevent or treat at an earlier stage of the disease.

Your genes provide the blueprint of your life and help in the determination of the color of your skin and hair to your susceptibility and resistance to disease.

Half of your genes come from each parent.  Your parents received half of their genes from each of their parents.  So you inherit one quarter of your genes from each grandparent.

Something to remember is that not all genes are "turned on" at the same time.  Most function only when they are needed to direct certain process.

Sometimes DNA coding in a particular genes is altered - this is called mutation.  This can be helpful to us humans because it allow us to adapt to changes in the environment and to survive as a species.

However, a mutation of a gene can be harmful.  Such a change can cause high blood pressure and other serious diseases.

Good news is that an abnormal cells developing from an acquired mutation is usually destroyed by your immune system, or may die on their own or may continue to grow and spread into a disease.

On the other hand a hereditary mutation may have occurred generations ago.  But because sperm and egg cells contain only half of your DNA, a mutated gene will not necessarily show up in any of your offspring.

To assess your genetic risks, heredity mutation cells will cause problems in the next generation depending on half of the genes inherited from your Mother as well as on the half inherited from your Father.

Your Genetic Risk Assessment

Lifestyle tweaks can change your genetic risks makeup to prevent or even delay illnesses.  Though you can do everything right and still end up with a devastating disease.

As I write this I think of Linda McCarthy, Sir Paul McCarthy first wife, and her fight with cancer.  From the reports I read she did everything right and still she died of cancer at a young age.

Know that the relationship between DNA and health is complex. You'll have some folks born with certain genes linked to obesity but are able to not be obese by eating well and exercising often.

Obesity is a big part of you being diagnose with high blood pressure. Genetic risks are real but you can improve your health odds.

Most times your family history is not your destiny.

How To Defy Your Genetic Risks Regarding Heart Disease And Stroke

Over 100 million people around the world have cardiovascular disease and that includes heart attack, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia and stroke.

American Heart Association says more than 100 different genes play some role in your heart's health.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have discovered a correlation between the level of a substance called Trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) and cardiovascular disease.

The study found that individuals with the highest levels of TMAO - produced when you digest choline, found in eggs, red meat and dairy products- had double the risk of death, heart attack and stroke compared to others with the lowest levels.

This prediction can also be made for individuals without high blood pressure or heart disease risk factors.

But with this TMAO test, Doctors can then personalized nutrition information to help individuals begin to make heart-healthy food choices.

As always stated the best defense against cardiovascular disease is a heart-healthy diet that has a variety of produce, low-fat dairy, poultry, fish, whole grains, nuts and legumes.

Including exercising into as much of your daily activity should be of utmost importance.

Another way to beat heart disease and stroke is to have your blood lipids measured regularly, take your blood pressure and/or cholesterol medications if needed.

Breast Cancer

As a FYI, women who have abnormal cells development and they spread, can form into cancer.  

Therefore women should consider genetic testing if there is a family history of breast cancer diagnosed before the age of 50, cancer in both breasts, both breast and ovarian cancer in the same family, any case of male breast cancer or they are of Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity.

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