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Caribbean And African Women Lets Rebuild The Skeleton Of Your Body

Caribbean and African women you take care of your loved ones and help them in every area and stages of their lives and also in areas they would otherwise have missed. You are the all in one package of lover, mother, friend, teacher and advisor. So, who takes care of you!

When YOU can answer that question, you’ll be in either of these two places: 

  • A rebuild healthier skeleton that is fitter and less stressed you.
  • Or on the treadmill of dieting on and off.

This new body comes with blood pressure within the recommended guidelines, reversal of type II diabetes and other reversible diseases, along with a lowering of your body's BMI. 

Thereby recreating a healthier you. 

The understanding of what causes chronic diseases has radically changed over the past decade, so now you can easily implement your own recovery. 

But are you aware of how the human body rebuilds itself?

Your Magnificent Human Body Fact Sheet

Black woman.
  • 50 trillion cells make up the human body.

  • Each cell in your body coordinates billions of chemical reactions every second.

  • Every single day your heart beats 100,000 times and pumps 7,500 liters of blood through 96,000 kms of vessels.

  • Every month you completely regenerate your outer layer of skin.

  • You completely rebuild and replace your blood supply every three months.

  • And, every ten years adults completely rebuild and remodel every bone in the human body.

You have the power to harness this magnificent machinery called your body and restore its health.

There are many Caribbean and African women between the ages of 30 to 60 that are experiencing the many complications and side effects of high blood pressure, type II diabetes, in the insulin resistance syndrome and are overweight.

Caribbean and African women there is a way out of these dire consequences that will have you achieving a healthy weight for your body type that leads to a significant reduction in your blood pressure measurements and your blood glucose levels.

"When diet is wrong medicine is of no use; when diet is correct medicine is of no need."

- Ayurvedic proverb 

Think about this and ask yourself any or all of these questions:
  • What is your most pressing health issue?

  • How do you use food?

  • Why do you think you are not able to lose weight?

  • Do you think your weight has contributed to your health issues?

  • Do you think your weight and health issues could be solved without medications?

Would you be willing to give my health coaching a try if it could help you to solve your weight and health issues?

Women of color and African descendants have been knocked unconscious, at times, by the conflicting demands of their culture. The prevalence of high blood pressure and its many complications within our communities is staggering. But you and I are waking up to our healing possibilities.

Healing from conditions such as PMS, chronic fatigue syndrome from taking care of too many people is almost always enhanced when we realize that we are not alone in our suffering. We have come to the realization that our problems are occurring in a cultural context that’s often unsupportive to us.

Caribbean And African Women

Caribbean and African women do you know how hard your heart is working right now due to your high blood pressure or other health issues that are reversible?

As we age the risk of high blood pressure increases and if you’re part of any Caribbean and African Community you might be at even greater risk. Risk factors of age and race can’t be controlled, add in our culture’s way of cooking and eating and our risk increases.


If you are looking for the best eating plan to take you all the way to your 100th birthday, be sure it meets these three requirements:

Salmon meal.
  1. It's nontoxic.

  2. It provides enough nutrients and fuel to satisfy your daily needs.

  3. It's made up of foods that are easy to digest and eliminate.

Our Cultural Cuisine

Some of our national dishes are heavy on fat, salt and sugar.

Understand that a healthy filling meal isn’t necessarily an elaborate meal. A veggie stir-fry, roast yams and other vegetables, soup, or a simple salad can get you in and out of the kitchen in minutes. 

Woman shopping for fresh produce. woman shopping for fresh produce

Consuming a healthy, varied diet offers more effective protection against disease than any pill could hope to do. Pills may seem more convenient, but nutritious eating can be simple too.


Eating nutritious foods is one of the one thing that can help to prevent many health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and even diabetes.


Stay slim with a lifetime eating plan – it promotes a healthy weight …. one aspect of an overall healthy lifestyle.


But food alone is not the whole story. Exercising, plenty of sleep, letting ago of anger and frustration, bringing joy, happiness and forgiveness into your life, limit alcohol, driving safely, quit smoking, helps you along the way to longevity.

Women Of Color And African Descendants Online Health Coaching

Recovery of your health and then learning how to create health on a daily basis involves naming your experiences … no matter how painful … and then learning that the driving force for your lives lies within you, regardless of your past.

Read about me at Williams - Certified Integrated Health Coach

It is extremely helpful to have a Health Coach who acknowledges the mind/body connection and in the process learn how important it is that you, me, we, ourselves appreciate our bodies - its natural beauty, its strength; its many symptoms, as part of our inner guidance.


You, me - strong, fierce Caribbean and African women, can free ourselves from our overdependence on the medical system.  By getting acquainted with seeing the ways in which our own beliefs and behavior perpetuate the parts of this system that do not help us to create health.


Especially if we continue in thinking that our diseases and symptoms such as anxiety attack, hypertension, fibroids and PMS are just medical and not related to the other parts of our lives. We are perpetuating the addictive system in medical care.


But when you tune in to the language of your body, you are more able to make informed decisions about medical testing and technology. This then leads to a more satisfactory relationship with all your health care providers.

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