Health Coaching
On Overcoming Burnout And Fatigue Caused By Stress, And Naturally Turn Off Sugar Cravings

Health coaching helps clients nourish themselves with the foods of life that includes spirituality, career, physical activity and relationships. Nutrition extends far beyond food, and comprises of all things that nourishes the body. Your body is a system and with imbalance within creates disease.

Health coaching of mind, body, soul.

Clients receive help in developing their target goals and a viable plan for carrying out their medical professionals instructions, as well as enact basic health supportive modifications and habits.

High blood pressure health coaching approach promotes eating healthy foods ninety percent of the time and eating less healthy foods, like anything your heart desires ten percent of the time. My  habits forming Women of color and African descendants online wellness coaching program is a combination of that and more.

Know that right now that you are not alone in facing your issues.  Many of us in some way or another are going through similar health issues, and experiences. Reach out for help and guidance in activating your inner healing power.  

If self healing is possible, its up to you to belief and act.

My reversal of high blood pressure wellness plan includes nourishing foods, a combination of lifestyle choices comprising of relationship, emotional, spirituality, and physical activity. All this together on a daily basis changes everything. 


The standard diet of today is processed, chemicalized foods. Fast foods are found in every corner of the world with some countries now fighting a health epidemic. Obesity is rampant, chronic diseases of which high blood pressure is one are all having a global impact on governments and government run services.

Solutions seem to come in prescription bottles and surgeries.


Awareness and proven data around food and other whole body choices are coming to light. Neighborhood Farmers market are now seen more often and nutrition-focused topics are dominating the population.


We are now at the forefront of a health frontier.

Wellness Coaching

Healthy living through Health Coaching.

My goal, my vision is to enlighten, encourage and assist as many individuals as possible on the importance of true nourishment. Meaning body, heart and soul. Together, you and I can start a ripple effect on health, vibrancy and happiness.

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, of which I am one, is a supportive client ally who helps you, (it can be individually, or as a group) understand how to nourish yourself holistically and coaches everyone toward their respective goals. Read more about my coaching services.

We'll focus on the relationship between food and lifestyle and how they both affect health.

Imagine how OvercomeHBP can help you reinvent your life. Health is wealth and they are inextricably linked.


Because of the developing global health crisis, doctors are seeing more preventable chronic illnesses. They cannot handle or even have the time to educate and support people in finding their way to better health.


Cardiovascular diseases are increasing at a fast pace. The US has a higher percentage of nutritional deficiency than other countries. Chinese adults hypertension is increasing, Type 2 diabetes is on the rise and South African women have unhealthy levels of body fat.


Health coaching makes a real difference in fighting the global health crisis.

How OvercomeHBP Health Coaching Can Help

Whether your goal is weight loss, improved digestion, reversal of a chronic disease, stress reduction or to create sustainable lifestyle changes, Overcome HBP is a supportive mentor in creating healthier habits.

OvercomeHBP addresses all facets of wellness and healing that includes relationships, physical activities, spirituality, your job/career, emotions, and your achievements.


We know there is no one diet for everyone because there are over one hundred dietary theories. Caribbean and African women this is your OvercomeHBP for a new lease on life dietary approach that is 90 percent of healthy foods and 10 percent of whatever your heart desire in foods.

I find it more flexible and doable. It’s a combination of vegetarian, Mediterranean, anti-inflammatory, acid-alkaline, blood type, DASH and gluten free foods.

Ultimately you are the only one who can decide whether there will be a change or no change. Whether your health or your life becomes exactly what you imagined or if it stays the same.

Think about what you specifically want for yourself, whether its to lose weight, stop feeling tired all the time, eat more healthy or heal a condition that's been bothering you. 

You decide whether you will do things differently today so you can have different results.

Are you ready to make the change on becoming whole? Get started with the help of Health Coaching today.

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