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Today And Living With High Blood Pressure

by Shelby

Today I found out my blood pressure was 144 over 90 and I'm only 11 my life is over if I don't do something now. But somewhere inside of me doesn't want to Response

Shelby thanks for sending us this note.

Blood pressure level of 144/90 and at the age of eleven can be treated and reversed by just visiting your physician first and then starting with lifestyle changes.

As you know high blood pressure is an insidious condition that is silent and creeps up on you with little or no warning.

It means a lot of children and adults are walking around with hypertension and are totally unaware they are affected.

This means the longer hypertension goes untreated and undiagnosed they can develop serious effects to their long term health.


Acupressure is a simple do-it-yourself treatment using your hands and figure-tips to manipulate your meridian points and lower your high blood pressure quickly.

This is just a temporary measure but it will help if you are experiencing headaches.

Learn how acupressure can help you by clicking here.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes would include exercising.

But before starting any exercise program check with your Doctor for his/her opinion on how you'll manage your blood pressure, whether through diet and lifestyle changes or whether you need to take medication.

In conclusion I hope you'll take control of your high blood pressure and avoid long-term complications such as coronary heart disease.

Good luck and I'll love to hear from you again.

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