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Tiny Habits That Will Change Your Health And Life!

Try these tiny habits that will change, improve your health and your life. Have you ever found yourself in the situation of wanting to change elements of your life but not knowing where to start?  I want to encourage you to start small.

The decision to start will get the ball rolling and starting small with mini-habits that become part of your routine will bring the lasting change you desire. Much more efficiently than you might expect, even. 

Let me share some of my favorite and quick one to two-minute habits that you can begin to incorporate into your own life. Also just try to include one new habit each week, and you'll be surprised how quickly they become a regular part of your everyday routine. And even better, these tiny habits yield significant results. 

Tiny Habits For Change!

Tiny Habits to improve your health.
  • Make your bed. Doing this task is part of my daily routine in getting started for the day and brings a smile to my face and body. Starting your day with this simple habit can automatically create a sense of order in your bedroom. You can even crack the windows to let in some fresh air while you do it.

  • Wash your face. I take this time to look into my eyes, connect with my inner being and give thanks. A quick skincare routine not only wakes you up but also safeguards your sensitive skin against the elements. This is a great time to apply your daily sunscreen, as well.

  • Make breakfast a priority. Your brain and body need nourishment to function well, so if you can't make a hearty breakfast, at least grab something small on the way out of the door.

  • Take time to move. Being in the zone at work is great until it's not. Don't wait until you're burnt out to come up for air. Allow time for breaks where you can take a quick walk and stretch. Exercise is healthy stress and is critical to your growth, health and provides your body with the power to self heal.

  • Manage social media well. It's up to us to navigate how the content we consume makes us feel and what we do with that information. If certain people leave you feeling like you need to buy more or do more, it's okay to mute or unfollow.

  • Don't leave things until the last minute. I'm getting better at this because my stress decreases dramatically. It can be challenging, but you'll be much less stressed if you stay on top of tasks.

  • Get your water in. Staying hydrated keeps everything else in check. If you struggle with plain water, add some citrus for a little kick.

  • Keep a list. If you have a running to-do list - to give myself a boost I call it my "result list'; it's easy to check things off and add them so that when you have a free moment, you know exactly what you need to knock out.

  • Tidy up before bed. Yes..This is a mood changer for me!! Spend a few minutes doing a quick sweep of the house before you head to bed. It's amazing what you can accomplish in a 5-10-minute pick-up spree. Waking up to a tidy house helps start the day off right.

  • Leave your phone. Charging your phone in a room other than the bedroom allows you to fall asleep easier, have fewer interruptions throughout the night, and wake up without immediately being overwhelmed with messages. It also keeps the scrolling at bay.

Live Longer And Stronger

There are so many easy habits that you can incorporate into each day.

These small things add up to big results when it comes to the way we experience and get to enjoy our lives. You might be surprised how adding a few things can dramatically change the flow of your day.

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