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Tackling Big Goals With Small Buildable Task!

The same way I teach tackling big goals with small, buildable tasks, you can do the same with your unpleasant tasks on your to-do list. Breaking challenging tasks into smaller parts will make them seem much more attainable and give you the confidence to apply the same method to your health and life.

“A full hamper reminds us that running away from the things we would rather avoid makes our lives feel like an endless chore. Face it. Taking responsibility for your own well-being is the first step in transformation.”

– Karen Maezen Miller

Whether it’s the pile of unwashed clothing inside your hamper, the garage that needs to be tidied for a new season, or the playroom that has become a dumping ground of toys missing their pieces, there are tasks we all push from day to day on our calendar.

Tackling Big Goals.

Though it is important to be moving throughout the day, that is to have an active, physical daily life, because the everyday work of real life, like moving things around, hauling laundry up the stairs, keeps the body nimble and strong.

So do remember that when you’re tackling big goals not to allow it to pull you into a stressful state of mind. Try to focus on what is good around you and feel that happiness.

The women of the world is discovering how to priorities their needs, and as a consequence are learning how to break down challenging tasks into smaller parts, to make them seem much more attainable.

It is just like making a lifestyle choice that is tremendously effective to your health and especially in keeping your immune system strong and to perpetually rejuvenate it.

Tackling Big Goals In A Healthy Manner

I read an article by Joel Fuhrman, MD, who stated “there is no magic, no miracle weight loss pill”. He talks about the powerful tool of shifting our focus away from what you shouldn’t eat toward all the wonderful foods you should eat in order to maximize your nutrients.

Satisfies cravings. Tackling Big Goals with small buildable tasks.

My understanding of it all is simple, in tackling the biggest goal in our life, and that is “health” is not to pit one vegetable again another, but compared to processed foods, all natural plant foods are nutrient dense that nourishes, and satisfies our cravings.

Our high blood pressure numbers will easily reach normal levels, and other chronic diseases like diabetes can all be managed, prevented, or even reversed.

So while you may not do a spring cleaning overhaul in one afternoon, those ten minutes of focused work on the playroom can make a big difference. It may not be an immediate rush of happiness, but small actions take root and make a difference.

Since we are being told that there will be more viruses and pathogens to deal with, to me it means we can expect more pandemics. Find ways to help your body be prepared by having a healthy immune system as much as possible.

Start small, start today, and start feeling the weight of that to-do list gradually lift off your shoulders. Lets start in creating one healthy habit at a time.

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