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Is Body Stretching Superior To Walking And An Impactful Benefit To Your Arteries?

Body stretching plays a far-reaching role with diverse benefits with improvements in a heightened sense of wellbeing. When you stretch the muscles of your body you are in essence also bringing flexibility to and elongating all your blood vessels, including your arteries.

Body Stretching.

But now with new comparison studies between walking and doing a body stretch the question is which is more impactful in lowering your blood pressure. 

In the late 1980s, I was introduced to stretching, it used to be part of the exercising classes at Lucille Roberts Fitness Studio. I don't know if they are still around, in the New York area that I live in I don't see them anymore.

At the start and at the end of every class the instructor took us through a series of stretching that I loved. During those stretches my body always felt so good, it released a lot of the tightness in my muscles.

So when I recently read an article that states stretching is better for the body than walking... What!! I had to get into that article, because I've also read, heard and known, by the many published studies, that walking was the very best form of exercising.

Walking. Stretching blood vessels and arteries.

As you are aware, anyone that's serious about their fitness wears fitness trackers so that they can have an accurate account of how many steps they take daily, and the recommended amount is 10,000 steps.


You can imagine how this article 'Stretching is superior to walking’ captioned my attention. I had to bring its possibilities to your awareness.

We all live with an aging population of individuals who we love dearly, some unknown to us, but we know are within our community and world, whose arteries are hardening daily. Having them become aware of the many benefits of and introducing them to stretching can be life changing.


They can do body stretching at home, even in their beds, doesn’t cost anything for them to do. Just include into their lifestyle as part of their physical movement.

Imagine the return of flexibility to their bodies, enhancing all their movements and might even help in their balance.

The article is from the University of Saskatchewan (USask) Kinesiology Professor Dr. Phil Chilibeck (PhD) and I found it very interesting, believable and amazing. Immediately I remembered that whenever I am doing Yoga or Pilates, many of the poses are stretching and how my muscle tingles, releases and feels so good providing my body with its flexibility and vibrant health.

Body Stretching And Its Impact On Hardening Arteries

Let me tell you how vital the arteries are to your circulation.

Yoga pose, upward dog, stretching.

Your arteries are blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the lungs and throughout your body. The arteries divide and redivide like the branches of a tree until it becomes microscopically thin blood vessels called capillaries which then feed nearly every tissue in the body.

What I love about this article is that they say when you stretch your muscles, you're also stretching all the blood vessels that feed into the muscles, including the arteries, reducing their stiffness allowing for ease in the circulation of blood flow leading to better levels of blood pressure.

Wow... what is better than that. A movement as natural as can be, as easy and relaxing as stretching contributing to the management of your blood pressure.

I am convinced. 

Now I know why my body respond the way it does when I stretch and move daily. Start your body stretching practice today, and also activate natural clot-dissolving properties in your blood system clearing your arteries, lowering your risk factors with my online program now.

Return To The Elderly From Body Stretching

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