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A Walking Program Of 10,000 Steps A Day And Counting

As part of your plan to control high blood pressure lets put together a walking program. To be physically fit you need to develop enough flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance that allows the body to meet its everyday demands of life.  

Walking Program of 10,000 steps and counting,

This exercise program is part of a consistent 10,000 steps a day. It will do wonders for the body. Has tremendous long term mental benefits in helping to clear the mind and relaxing the body as you breathe deeply.

Our Creator made our bodies for walking, it is free and the easiest exercise to do. All you need is a pair of quality sneakers.

Walking should be part of your exercises to lower blood pressure.

Here's How To Make 10,000 Steps Part Of Your Walking Program

An active body uses fuels, and the fuel that support these activities are glucose - from carbohydrate, fatty aides - from fat, and to a small extent amino acids - from protein.

The reason for the 10,000 daily steps is that it is the answer for health and longevity. Researchers further states 10,000 steps seem to help break down insulin resistance which is an underlying cause of type 2 diabetes.

Any form of movement keeps us fit, especially doing a variety of activities, particularly as you get older, will challenge your body, lead to greater fitness and help you avoid injuries. My personal trainer also mentioned to me that adding in alternatives such as weight training, swimming or biking, and yoga could be part of the overall balancing act to whole body well-being.

But a dedicated walking program, those 10,000 daily steps, we know for a fact keeps us healthy.

In general, this amount of exercise helps in the control of our glucose levels in the blood.  If left high, it can become hazardous to our cells.  And best of all this exercise is not hard on the joints or your back.

The Benefits Of Exercising To The Body

I had a client that said to me….after exercising she experienced joint ache and is arthritis setting in? My first statement to her was to have her doctor check the joints to establish if there’s arthritis.  But normally after a day or two the soreness goes away.

I’ve experienced pain and stiffness in my joint and especially in my hand with my fingers unable to completely close into my palm.  You know what I did...I joined the boot camp at the YMCA and after pulling on ropes to lift the upper body and exercise the arms all the pain and stiffness completely disappeared.

Now if there’s osteoarthritis, you'll most likely be dealing with swelling and limitations on motion, along with join pain, in general as far as I know.  But for now, I’m speaking from my experience that walking and other forms of exercises is good for the building up of muscles around your joints, and will improve any arthritis symptoms currently present and also prevent more of them in the future.

That I know for sure from my personal experiences.

The Health Benefits Of Walking

A brisk walk or a walking pace that leaves you just slightly out of breath is enough to reap these benefits, plus the beautiful picture with an additional twenty health benefits of walking:

  • Builds aerobic fitness

  • Lowers low-density lipoprotein (LDL)

  • Walking health benefits.
  • Raises high-density lipoprotein (HDL)

  • Help reduce risk and aides with the management of type II diabetes

  • Reduces the risk of abnormal cell growth

  • Weight control. Helps you to maintain lean muscle tissue

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improve balance - very important as you age, leading to the less likelihood of an injury

  • Increase your heart's health

  • Build stronger muscles - especially in the legs

  • And is a natural stress reliever.

But remember some of the best benefits with walking to a better health is you do not need any special equipment, accessible to everyone, its a low impact exercise, its free and improves your mood.

It is recommended that your walking program should be at least for thirty minutes five days a week.

For me I prefer walking outside at the Park instead of on the treadmill. Getting outside you get to enjoy great sceneries, people watch and feel the wind in your face, rejuvenating you along the way.

I find the muscles on the back of my legs gets a much better workout and my knee joints and back doesn't hurt when I do outside walking.

So decide for yourself what works best for you and go for it. And remember even doing walking in a pool is also great - I think it is even harder than walking outside and your joints and back are all supported by the water.

Get started today and keep moving to stay fit, healthy and strong.

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