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Strand Of Hair From Your Head Can Predict Your Heart Attack Timeline!!

Do you know one strand of hair, and I mean hair from your head can predict your heart attack timeline? The elevated cortisol levels found in your hair may be the new risk marker for heart attacks, and heart disease develops within your arteries.

Your arteries feed both nutrients and toxins to all of your organs. It is the site of the inflammatory process that is responsible for many kinds of heart disease.

It is a known fact that consistent and long-term stress on the body lead to heart attack. It also increases the levels of your stress hormone cortisol. But whats exciting and at the same time scary is can these increased cortisol levels in the month preceding a heart attack be an indication that you’ll suffer a cardiac arrest.

So can a heart attack timeline be predicted and therefore prevented?

I Have Natural Hair

When I stopped processing my hair and went natural, I found out I had three different types of strands of hair on my head. So do they all tell a different story? Yes they do.

Three different sections of my head have different textures of hair strands, and they grow and feel different. One section curl tightly and coarse, another section curls loosely, is soft and grows fast, and another area just sticks straight up.

They all tell different stories of how to take care of them, like whats the best shampoo and conditioner that treats all three sections. And from month to month if tested will warn of elevated levels of cortisol that predicts a heart attack.

We already know how stress can cause high blood pressure but now hair samples are providing insights that was not known before.

Your Hair's History

Every strand of your hair has its own muscle, nerve and blood supply, with over 100,000 strands of hair on your head. What is even more amazing is how strong the hair is. It is stated that it is stronger than a copper wire.

Strands of hair.

A fun fact is your whole weight of your head of hair can support the equivalent to two elephants or twelve tons of weight! WOW!!


The question I have is can it still support that amount of weight when you’re going bald? HA, HA….


It is the fastest growing tissue in the body and contains information of everything that has been in your bloodstream, such as the medications you are taking, minerals and vitamins.

Oh and when I say medications I am also talking about ANY drug you take.

Scientific Report On Your Strand Of Hair

I have always known and witness where a strand of hair is tested as part of a genes research, or DNA or even for blood lines for identification.

But a recent Scientific Report conducted by Professor Tomas Faresjo, from the Linkoping University in Sweden, suggest that elevated levels of cortisol tell the story of what is retained with your hair from the previous month.

The report also states the level of stress hormone cortisol differs between individuals who just suffered a cardiac arrest and those not affected.

If you are alive, stress and high blood pressure is a part of your life, though it is how you manage it is of importance. Still there is a lot they don't know about the effects of long-term stress on the body.


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