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Start Your Day Connecting To Your Universal Power!
Here's How To Connect

So the question is how do you start your day. Is your current routine for starting your day serving you well? 

My daily morning ritual is to read my bible, pray, then read a spiritual daily word and paragraph; and meditate.  I then connect with my universal power, this same power flows through each and every one of us, where I write out and speak my ‘I AMs’, my intentions, give thanks as part of my spiritual steps in creating my financial abundance.

Do you have a daily do not disturb break, whether at your desk, in your kitchen or on a deck outside? Where you close your eyes and do not open them for anyone? Even doing this for five minutes has a wonderful impact on your day.

No matter how long it is, the intention behind a morning routine is to set yourself up for a good day. You want to walk into your day with a clear mind, a filled spirit, and a game plan for the day.  

Your Guided Health Coach Instructor

Hi, I’m Donna Williams, working with women of color and adults like you that want their life back and to transform the way they feel while restoring the ease of health within their body, mind and soul. 

I am also the creator of this website - that contains over five hundred pages of valuable strategies, information and alternative measures in managing high blood pressure. Within is an online program that improves many aspects of health and where I also offer one-on-one coaching service.

Ideas On How To Start Your Day

Start by becoming conscious of being healthy if you are to know what health is. So, start your daily ritual with the assumption that your wish to no longer experience the many complications and side effects of high blood pressure is a reality. Persist within your mind until it becomes your dominant feeling and the attainment of your ideal.

In your assumption you include the many ways that technology, instruments, and new proven ideas, by which you create your redemptive power that satisfies your longings for freedom, health and security.

How to start your day.

With these slews of meditation and stress-lowering apps to choose from you can breeze through your morning routine on the busiest days when you have less time.  

The Shine app is a daily reflection space where you can find daily meditations, self-care courses, and resources to lower stress and anxiety.  

The Calm app is great because it promotes meditation and mindfulness (plus, it pulls double duty for bedtime with sleep stories and soundscapes).

So browse through your app store and find one that sticks out to you. 5-10 minutes a morning being intentional about lowering your stress and starting your day well can make a tremendous difference in the overall mood and tone of your day. 

I have also created guided meditation recordings that will guide you on the path to success, peace and slows the constant chatter of the mind.

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