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Your Kidney And High Blood Pressure:
 What You Need To Know

Do you know what are the damages and problems of your kidney and high blood pressure?   Your kidneys constantly monitor and adjust your sodium levels, and also function as a blood volume and blood pressure control valve.  When you have high blood pressure, it is likely that your kidneys will not work properly and that can lead to a number of problems, including kidney failure.

When you suffer from high blood pressure, if you are not careful in maintaining blood pressure control, your kidneys will be affected. The kidneys are one of the major organs of the body. They work to flush out waste and excess fluid from the body’s blood supply, to keep it healthy.

These magnificent organs are located at the back of your abdominal cavity on either side of your spine and works constantly filtering gallons of blood every hour.

Kidney And High Blood Pressure

Aging accelerate damages to your kidney and high blood pressure also contributes to damaging your arteries and arterioles that supply blood and nutrients to the kidney. The role of your kidneys is to filter your blood and to remove from your body all waste products in the form of urine. Your kidneys also balances the amount of fluid and salt that is in your body.

If your renal artery that supplies your kidneys becomes hard and narrow, your kidneys can become damaged by an inadequate amount of blood supply.  Also, the high blood pressure within the tiny blood vessels inside your kidneys can also damage your nephrons, which are your kidney's filtering units.

As a result your kidney is not receiving a good supply of blood and so they start to shrink, removes less waste so you are urinating less and leak protein into your urine which is a sign that you may have kidney disease.

The good news is that you can avoid these complications by maintaining a lower blood pressure. Blood pressure is lowered through numerous methods, including and especially through making smart decisions regarding your lifestyle.

Anything that you can do to stop the increase in your blood pressure will help your body to avoid this damage.  The damage occurs within the blood vessels that lead to the kidneys. These supply the waste filled blood to the kidneys for cleansing.

The problem is that high blood pressure weakens the blood vessels, making them less able to circulate blood properly. When this happens, the kidneys are unable to flush excess fluid from the blood and waste products from it.

Learn To Recognize The Symptoms

There are some symptoms that your kidneys have shown that is the effects of high blood pressure. However, like high blood pressure, the early signs of kidney disease are very hard to detect. There is no actual feeling of being ill.

Further, unless your doctor is looking for changes in your blood composition, it is unlikely that kidney disease will be caught early enough.

However, if your doctors decide to run some test, they will look for a buildup of protein in your urine and they will monitor the amount of creatinine that is found in your cells.  Both are indications of the effectiveness of your kidneys and any indication of secondary high blood pressure.

Preventing Kidney Damage

The best way to maintain your health and to avoid kidney damage is to take steps to limit the risks of kidney damage. There are several things you can do to accomplish this:

  • Take medications to keep your blood pressure under 130/80, the highest level acceptable.

  • Make lifestyle changes to keep your heart healthy such as getting physical exercise each day, not smoking and reducing alcohol consumption.

  • Reduce your weight if you are overweight or obese.

There is so much risk to your kidney without high blood pressure control. It can lead to substantial problems in your overall health. Researchers have stated that twenty-five percent of all cases of chronic kidney failure is due to high blood pressure damage.  

So take steps today and lower your blood pressure.

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