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Nightcap Mocktail Ideas That Don't Include Alcohol

These nightcap mocktail ideas, whether you’re having them warm and/or cold, don't include any alcohol and may be just what you need in making you feel like you’re having a drink. And the best part is they will not spike your blood pressure numbers and even help you to sleep better.

One of the most delightful parts of a wind-down routine is grabbing a glass of something tasty to snuggle up with and enjoy your company, a good book, or your favorite television show. Something warm and cozy is great for the cooler months though enjoying a warm beverage during the hot summer can be challenging.

When it comes to delicious and refreshing cold drinks, these often fall under the cocktail category, but they don't have to. So whether you're abstaining entirely or just wanting to make healthier choices before bedtime to not disrupt your sleep and maintain your lowered blood pressure numbers, here are some nightcap mocktail ideas for a healthy bedtime ritual that gives you an excellent sleep experience.

These nightcap options, warm and cold, are free from any form of alcohol, virgin drinks as we sometimes say, and may be just what you need. 

Nightcap Mocktail Ideas That Don't Include Alcohol

Nightcap Mocktail Ideas.
  • Lavender Collins Mocktail

    It’s easy to turn a lavender Collins cocktail into one without alcohol. As lavender is beneficial for sleep, it may help you relax even more with its soothing flavors and aroma. You’ll want to add a sugar-free lavender simple syrup to a glass with club soda. Squeeze in some lemon and add a lavender sprig to garnish.

    Blood Pressure Health Benefits: When lavender essential oil is applied over your heart points it quickly helps to lower high blood pressure and can be used as a complementary treatment. Also discover where some of your heart points are.

  • Tart Cherry Spritzer

    Tart cherry juice has anthocyanins and tryptophan, both of which will naturally promote your best rest. Simply fill a glass with half tart cherry juice and half tonic water or seltzer. Garnish with maraschino cherries.

    Blood Pressure Benefits: Read more about tart cherries' ability to safely reverse the risk factors of cardiovascular disease and also offer protection from other health issues.

  • Chamomile-Lemon Tea Sparkler

    Chamomile tea is renowned for helping with better sleep, though it’s not as fun as other beverages. Give it a fizzy makeover by pairing it with sparkling water and lemon. Make your tea and let it steep for several minutes. Then stir in maple syrup and lemon juice, followed by cold sparkling water. Garnish with lemon for a refreshing nightcap.

  • Milky Dream Mocktail

    Warm-up a mug of your chosen milk, then add nutmeg or cinnamon to it. You can also add pumpkin pie spice seasoning if you’d prefer to have those fall feelings wash over you.

  • Hot Toddy Mocktail

    In my early twenties once when I had a very bad cold my husband mixed me a hot toddy made with a mixture of alcohol, that in no way compare with these nightcap mocktail ideas. Let me tell you I was knocked out for the night. It was delicious and strong but this nightcap option is completely different. We are switching from a traditional hot toddy to a mocktail version, and you'll be on your way to a great night of sleep.

    Boil water with a slice of fresh ginger and a cinnamon stick. Then mix in fresh-squeezed lemon juice and honey (or pure maple syrup) to round it out. That’s it…you’re enjoying another delicious nightcap mocktail ideas.

  • Cranberry-Orange Infusion

    Tart and tangy cranberries are a nice burst of flavor that will soothe you to sleep and also great for the kidneys. You'll muddle these with orange to create a tasty nightcap with no alcohol. Using coconut water helps you bring in more potassium and magnesium, two minerals that help relax muscles for a blissful night of sleep and great in the reduction of your blood pressure numbers.

    Simply add cranberries and orange juice to a jar and muddle, then add a cup of coconut water, stirring until combined. Throw in a rosemary sprig for garnish and get ready for bed.

    Blood Pressure Benefits: As stated by Julian Whitaker, M.D. a pioneer of alternative medicine, magnesium is known to have therapeutic effects on the cardiovascular system, sleep and healing. If these minerals are deficient, may predispose individuals to elevated blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions. And, potassium gets in on the balancing act of sodium levels and normalizing blood pressure.

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