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How Do You Treat High Blood Pressure?

How do you treat high blood pressure, also known as HBP and hypertension?  One of the first questions that doctors get after a diagnosis of HBP is, how do I treat it? The good news is that high blood pressure can be treated when it reaches a certain level, which is any number over 120/80. If your doctor has told you that your blood pressure is over this, consider the variety of ways that you can, and should, treat it.

Blood pressure is the amount of pressure that pushes against your arteries as your heartbeats and rests. The higher the amount of pressure here, the higher the risk of the artery wall bursting, or having one of several other problems occur.

You may already started some of these measures known to help prevent diseases, such as: 

  • Are you taking a daily aspiring on your doctor's advice?

  • Did you get a flu shot this year?

  • Have you scheduled your next colonoscopy?

Studies confirm that each of the above steps saves lives and help to keep diseases at bay. So, what are your disease prevention steps, and how do you treat high blood pressure?

Prescribed Medications

How do you treat HBP.

Medication is one of the most common treatments if you have hypertension, or high blood pressure that reaches above 139/89. At this point, the risk of a heart attack or a stroke occurring is at its highest.

However, through help from your doctor, with medication, you can lower this risk.

All Natural Options Work

Alongside your medication, or if you have pre-hypertension (a number above 120/80 but below 139/89) you can use all natural solutions for the treatment of blood pressure.  So, how do you treat high blood pressure?  Consider these particular options.

  1. Take CoQ10 supplements: This particular type of supplement has been one of the most significant all natural solutions for high blood pressure, as it really is that effective. Studies have shown that CoQ10, taken as a supplement of 100 mg per day, can be highly effective.

  2. Garlic offers another solution: Garlic also helps to improve blood pressure. Some people can add garlic to their diet to see some improvement, but garlic supplements are often best. However, you do need to consult with your doctor in terms of how much is safe for your needs. To hide the smell of garlic, place garlic cloves in baking pan, dribble some olive oil and bake for ten minutes at 390 degrees.

  3. Fish oil provides more aid: Another solution that can improve high blood pressure is fish oil. Although most of the nutrients that come from this product could be obtained by eating a fish rich diet, most Americans do not do so. Fish oil supplements, taken daily can improve overall health, including reducing high blood pressure.

  4. Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese science, involves the putting of fine needles into specific parts of your body that relates to your illness to promote healing. Once the points are sufficiently stimulated by the needles the healing energy flows balancing your body's yin and yang. I do a monthly treatment to complement by medical treatment which has my cardiologist lowering my medication.

  5. Aroma Life Essential Oil is also part of my daily alternative treatment. I apply it to different acupuncture points of my body, complementing my medication, and lowering my high blood pressure. My acupuncturist dramatically increased the effectiveness of unblocking my meridians by applying essential oils topically to my body and then inserting the needles.

Getting Started On How Do You Treat High Blood Pressure

If you are ready to start lowering your risk of heart attacks and strokes, consider these solutions for high blood pressure. How do you treat high blood pressure?

To get started, focus on your diet, ensuring it is balanced and full of vegetables. Then, focus on weight loss. And, add these alternative treatments, and supplements into your diet to naturally reduce your blood pressure.

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