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Garlic And High Blood Pressure:
The Real Story

If you enjoy garlic and high blood pressure is something that your doctor has suggested you try, then know that it can help to reduce the amount of pressure in your arteries, effectively lowering your blood pressure readings.  The organosulfur compounds found in garlic lowers the production of substances in the blood that boost inflammation related to heart disease.

Garlic and blood pressure monitor.

So it is very beneficial to learn how to use garlic to improve your high blood pressure numbers even more.  And if you are so inclined grow your own supply of garlic right at home.

Garlic is a natural food with strong healing properties for all sorts of conditions. Also it is used a lot as a seasoning.  But know that it is rich in nitrogenous substances, sodium, potassium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, essential oils, vitamins, sulfuric, phosphoric acid, phytosterols, and many more healing properties.

All the above properties are excellent and work extremely well on their own in lowering high blood pressure.  So if you are consuming garlic and high blood pressure is part of your problem this is a true complement to your medication.

I have been told its best and most effective when eaten raw. But some people complain of digestive distress and irritation in the gut, not to mention your breath smelling pretty bad - at one time I was eating it so much the smell of it was coming out of my pores.

So I was able to tap into garlic's amazing healing benefit and eating it raw by adding it into a raw sauce. Think of making your own pesto sauce in your food processor or a Chimichurri herb sauce.

When garlic is consumed, it is broken down by the body. The nutrients within it are able to help thin the blood.  Blood that is thinner is not necessarily a problem, in most people.

Thinner blood is easier for the heart to pump through the body. Even when high blood pressure has caused the blood vessels to thicken and narrow, thinner blood is helpful because it reduces the strain on your heart.

However, if you are currently taking any type of blood thinner, it is not recommended that you consume a great deal of garlic.

If the blood is too thin, this could lead to several problems, including the risk of your blood not clotting if you get a cut, or the risk that your blood could be so thin that it does not carry enough nutrients to the organs of your body.

But, if you are not taking blood thinners, and your doctor has approved the use of garlic as a tool for lowering blood pressure, then do consider it.

How Much Garlic Should You Consume?

Adding garlic to your diet is helpful, however there are some tips that can help you to get the best results:

  • Consume garlic whole or diced up for the best results over powders.

  • Avoid garlic salt because the addition of sodium to the body is not outweighed by the garlic consumed.

  • The maximum effect of garlic occurs when a full clove of garlic is eaten each day, over a period of time.

  • Garlic supplements are helpful, but they do contain a high level of garlic in them and the use of them should be monitored.

Is Garlic And High Blood Pressure The Only Option?

When it comes to a high blood pressure diet, there are many things that should be used, not just garlic. Lifestyle changes are important, too.

Medications may be necessary for anyone who has significantly high blood pressure.

How To Grow Your Own Garlic Supply At Home

Think of garlic and high blood pressure health benefits as part of the  homegrown potent and fiery flavor as downright irresistible.

Use organic garlic or wait until you see the garlic begins to sprout on its own.  Most of the garlic sold at the grocery stores are treated with a hormone that prevents cloves from sprouting, that is done to prolong their shelf life.

Garlic bulb.

If planting in the ground the best time to plant garlic is in the fall, in a well-drained bed after the first frost has passed and the soil is cool, you'll get bigger and better bulbs.  But cloves can also be planted in late winter as soon as the soil thaws.

Garlic loves cool weather so experiment with your zones. So start planning and growing your medication and harvest fresh garlic right from your own garden, or windowsill pot on your balcony.

To ensure your garlic has a strong flavor snip off scapes on hardnecks in the spring when the curly stems begin to straighten out. This sends more energy and flavor to the bulbs. But know that if you prefer a milder flavor skip the snipping.

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