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10 Minute High Blood Pressure Reversal Success Daily Practice

Do you want high blood pressure reversal? It is no longer a pipe dream. Imagine being provided with specific foods to consume that can lead to permanent weight control, optimal health and wellbeing. Give me 10 minutes to tell you how.

10 minutes to high blood pressure reversal.

I recently read this survey and it was troubling to me, and hopefully will be to you too, but is an eye opener to us all. It said with the resulting acceleration of sickness and disease, there will be a catastrophic effect on the U.S. 


With all the benefits of modern life, we are the first generation that has a significantly lower quality of life than every generation before us.

Modern medicine detects disease and then suppresses the symptoms. It’s a good system for detection, but not so good for healing. It neglects environmental factors, nature, food, emotional connection to self, and the living habits of an individual.

This is a reversed model from what healers of the past understood.

Nothing Has Changed Regarding Unhealthy Foods

Over the last twenty years, nothing has changed in terms of our access to convenient but unhealthy foods. Today, it is still here and even more available.

There doesn’t seem to be any creation for optimal health.

My doctor said to me that it is difficult for people to change their lifestyle, even if their lives depend on it. I mention that to say while treating your illness is an important part of your life, shouldn’t each of us at least try to create the highest level of health possible before facing life-threatening problems?

The fabric of society has changed, and our lives have become more chaotic. Working extremely long hours has affected our behavior and the taking of medications for high blood pressure reversal. The cost has affected every aspect of our society and a direct effect on both our physical and mental health.

I know I am grateful for the medical advances that help to slow the progression of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other life-threatening conditions, but these technologies have limitations and many adverse side effects.  

Baked Salmon. High blood pressure reversal is possible.

This high blood pressure reversal program of eating, and you preparing a delicious meal that includes lots of veggies along with piece of fish or chicken or the protein of your choice helps you to accomplish real and lasting change.

It is your path to high blood pressure reversal success and permanent weight control, optimal health and wellbeing.

We know it is hard to change a habit, so my program along with daily guidelines are easy to adopt. It is not a matter of willpower, or reactions to dire warnings, it’s a straightforward, manageable, and clear logistics that anyone can handle.

Dr. Lawrence Cheskin, MD, FACP, FTOS, Director, Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center says, “I have treated thousands of individuals with weight problems. In the course of my work, I’ve become convinced that we must move toward a new era of medicine – one that focuses on fostering optimal health and preventing health problems before they appear.” 

I want to urge you to look at your high blood pressure reversal journey that you are starting with eager anticipation. 

Can You Relate To The Below?

Are you experiencing pain in your body, and do you know what it means? Is it crucial to look deeper to prevent and heal disease?
Do you fear your healing? Are you loving yourself?
Do you think forgiveness is vital to healing? Are you chronically deprived of good quality sleep?
Are you open to your success? What is your goal versus a plan?
What is your key to getting the results you desire?

I want you to know that pain is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a signal from the body that something is out of balance.

Hippocrates, the Father of modern medicine said, “First consider the nature of man, then consider his food, environment, customs and mode of life. We view the whole man. Not his disease.”

He taught that disease – like high blood pressure, was the product of environment factors, such as diet and living habits.

Discover A Healthy Eating System

  • You’ll discover new ways to think about food, new ways to shop, prepare food and eat. 
  • You'll develop real, tangible, and lasting changes. 
  • Nutritionally dense meals.
  • A journal for you to record your high blood pressure reversal journey, your goals, your ups and downs, but mostly it is your path to your desired health and wellbeing.
  • The goal is to make healthy eating easy, and so satisfying that will support healthy weight for the rest of your life.

High Blood Pressure Reversal Success Testimonials

Positive expression.

Destiny brought Donna and I together by chance and I’ve not regretted it. I have become more aware and have become a much better decision maker. Along with the development of my consciousness, surprisingly my health, confidence is more on point. Debbie Turner, New York


THANK YOU Donna I truly enjoyed and am continuing the lessons.  Brenda Jackson, Tampa, Florida

Schedule a conversation with me on how you can reach and sustain a healthy weight.

I think my Mother's illness, caring for her, and her death contributed to the diagnosis of my high blood pressure. My doctors saw only my disease, one small piece of the puzzle. The truth is my entire system was out of balance on many levels.

Here's Why You Need 10 Minutes To High Blood Pressure Reversal?

Our body tells us what’s going on with our health, but we need to know what to look for. Without a basic understanding of where and how the disease originated (body, mind, spirit), true healing cannot begin.

  • Do you wish to alter the progression of disease and return to a more balanced condition?
  • Are you suffering with preventable diseases such as high blood pressure, immune deficiencies, and infertility?


Healing takes time. Everybody is unique and heals at their own pace. But once we take on the healing process and alter our habits, our body start doing what it needs to do, at the speed it can do it.

Disease takes time to develop, and it takes time to resolve. Trust in the ability of the human body to self-heal the way it’s designed. Through habits of health you create the best environment for your cells to manifest health.

Give your body the ingredients it needs to create the best environment for healing, and then let go of the details about when it’s going to happen. You won’t know how long it takes to heal, just know that it takes as long as it takes.

With me as your Guiding Coach, this highly effective system will create predictable transformation, if you decide your health is important to you. Your life and your health are in your hands. Make the best choices possible. I encourage you to have a little faith in your body.

Give yourself this wonderful gift that only you can give yourself by embarking on your high blood pressure reversal journey, and I know you are going to enjoy the results!

This online program is a shift in emphasis away from passive reaction to disease and toward individual responsibility for health.

Schedule a time that's convenient for you and lets plan your sustainable goals together.

P.S. Many years ago I read a book called Healing Ourselves, by Naboru Muramoto. It had a profound effect on my thoughts about healing and having success on high blood pressure reversal. It was based on Japanese medicine and ancient healing techniques. 

  • Muramoto stated, “According to biologists, it takes 120 days for the red blood globules to change completely. This means there is a 10% difference in the quality of blood within 10-12 days, which is the time it takes for the symptoms of an existing disease to disappear. 
  • In other words, although it takes 120 days for the blood to become clean, 12 days of proper eating (no chemicalized industrial food, no overeating or excess drinking) are sufficient to remove the symptoms and, in most cases, put us out of danger. 
  • It takes approximately three years to reconstruct the muscle fibers; the same applies to certain organs. But, it takes seven years to change the entire bodily constitution.”

If we are struggling with a disease, we need to understand that it certainly did NOT develop overnight. No one goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or any other debilitating condition.

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