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High Blood Pressure And Cholestoral Medication

by Adrian

Do you have any suggestions about if Lipitor is right for me?

Great question. You should talk to your doctor about the potential side effects of Lipitor a cholesterol medication.

But what is surprising is that most people who have high cholesterol does not even know it, because usually they have no symptoms.

So you could be feeling fine and are at risk but a simple blood test will tell you if your cholesterol is high.


Lipitor, its generic name is Atorvastatin, is one of the many statins medications that is prescribed to reduce your body's synthesis of cholesterol, and seems to be good for your heart.

Statins lowers your LDLs and raises your HDLs, reduces your plaque, protecting the lining of your arteries, lower your C-reative protein - a risk factor for heart attack, therein reducing your risk for a first heart attack and stroke.

Usually statins are combined with a second pill that lowers your high blood pressure.

Who Should Not Take Statins

But first lets look at who should not take Lipitor.

  • If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant.

  • And have liver problems.

Before Taking Lipitor

Before you start taking Lipitor you should tell your doctor if are already experiencing muscles weakness, consume daily more than two glasses of alcohol, have diabetes, thyroid and kidney problems.

Because your lifestyle and the added mixture of this cholesterol medication can have serious side effects on your health.

Possible Side Effects of Lipitor

I had a girl friend that was taking this drug. She said upon rising in the morning, and getting up from a seated position was very painful.

So watch for these side effects.

  • Muscle Problems. Individuals that take this drug complains of muscle and joint pain, weakness and tenderness in your legs. These muscle problems can lead to kidney problems.

  • Liver Problems.

  • Experience nausea and vomiting

  • Pass brown or dark colored urine

  • Feel more tired than normal

Her doctor had to take her off Lipitor and prescribe another cholesterol medication for her high cholesterol that did not affect her in that way.

So please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are experiencing any of Lipitor side effects.

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