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Ways To Naturally Lower Cortisol Levels!

Cortisol is the body's primary stress hormone. While it may be easier said than done, taking intentional steps to cut excessive tension from your life will only benefit you in the long run. Learn what your stressors are and have a plan of action on how to adjust when these situations pop up in your life. 

There are times when my hormones are just off, and the slightest thing can irritate me. I can't alleviate stress completely, but I’ve learned how to better deal with it as it comes.

Living a healthy blood pressure lifestyle that includes happy interactions is key.

Here how cortisol plays such a significant role in many of our bodily functions. For instances it:

  • Helps in maintaining blood pressure levels.

  • Calms inflammation.

  • Affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

  • Control blood sugar levels.

  • Regulate the body’s sleep and wake cycles

What I find fascinating is cortisol fluctuation throughout the day. It is higher in the mornings and then gradually decreases as the day goes on. On the other hand, if on a daily basis it remains at abnormal levels that can mean hormonal problems.

So what can you do to lower its levels?

Here's How To Naturally Lower Cortisol Levels!

Stress is part of our daily lives but how we deal with it is the issue. So when we’re overwhelmed and stressed-out we may need additional help to lower our cortisol.

Social isolation is detrimental to health. We are hard-wired for personal connection, even though we are very self-sufficient. When we’re alone for too long, and for everyone being alone too long is different, and the pandemic has proven this point, the levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise, increases the odds of heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and sleep problems.

6 Ways to naturally lower Cortisol levels.

Here are six practical ways to lower the levels and, therefore, lower stress. 

  1. Lower tension. How about holding hands more often with your spouse or romantic partner. Cultivating great relationships can be a key as we experience feelings of safety and happiness. For example, adding a furry, four-legged pet to the family is a great idea, with the added benefit of finding a hobby that your pet can be a part of can be a great way to elevate feelings of happiness and reduce stress.

  2. Eat a balanced diet. We should always be focused on eating a healthy and balanced diet low in sugar, but there are additional foods you can focus on that have been shown to stabilize cortisol levels. These are foods like dark chocolate, bananas, pears, black or green tea, and foods that contain probiotics, like Greek yogurt. Staying well hydrated also keeps cortisol levels in check.

  3. Get some rest. Creating a nighttime routine that focuses on quality sleep is essential for keeping cortisol levels from spiking. Lack of sleep or prolonged periods of disrupted sleep can lead to increased cortisol levels in the bloodstream. Try creating a relaxing atmosphere free of electronics.

  4. Try meditating. Any type of mindfulness, meditation, or even deep breathing can help reduce stress, which reduces cortisol.

  5. Exercise more. Learning which exercises to try can be important. Intense workouts can lead to a spike in cortisol. But things like walking, a leisurely swim, or yoga can help to stabilize them.

  6. Use supplements. Both fish oil and ashwagandha have been known to lower cortisol levels but should always be taken in addition to a well-balanced diet. Consult your medical professional before beginning any new supplements.

Create A Balanced And Healthy Body!

The first step to creating a balanced and healthy body is to be aware of how your body is currently operating. We must be able to observe areas we may struggle with increased stress. If we can do this, we can better pinpoint ways to improve our situation. 

Adding in just one or two of these practices to your day can significantly reduce stress, blood pressure, which leads to lower and healthier cortisol levels.

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