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Dark Chocolate High Blood Pressure Treatment: Is It Possible?

There is not a specific dark chocolate high blood pressure treatment yet, but there are good signs that this type of treat can actually help to lower your blood pressure. Studies show that dark chocolate is good for you. However, the same does not hold true about white chocolate or milk chocolate. How can something like this be helpful to your heart?


What makes dark chocolate so interesting is that it can help to lower high blood pressure. This was shown possible by numerous studies conducted including two from medical journals.

Specifically, if you eat more dark chocolate and you have moderate to low high blood pressure (often called pre-hypertension) you could see a reduction in your blood pressure.

This does not mean that gorging will help you, though. You have to balance dark chocolate intake with calorie monitoring since it does have a higher number of calories than other foods. However, you can do this by decreasing the overall intake of calories you have from other foods.

However, small amounts of dark chocolate can be helpful.

The Dark Chocolate Antioxidant

Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals in the body and dark chocolate do have a lot of them. These antioxidants destroy free radicals in the body.

In doing so, this can help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease or other ailments. Although this is not a guarantee that you will not develop any other health condition, it can reduce your risks.

What The Studies Say About Dark Chocolate High Blood Pressure

The best way to see what the benefits of dark chocolate have on high blood pressure treatments is to take a look at how the studies played out. For example, one study of men and women between the ages of 55 and 64, with mild high blood pressure, had on average, a blood pressure reading of 153/84 before the study:

Ghiradelli Chocolate.
  • Each day, they consumed 100 gram candy bar with a balanced diet.

  • Half of patients ate dark chocolate.

  • Half of patients ate white chocolate.

  • Of those who ate dark chocolate, a drop in blood pressure of five points of systolic and two points of diastolic blood pressure was evident.

Other studies point to the same benefits. While there is no specific dark chocolate high blood pressure treatment just yet, there are studies working on proving the effects that these antioxidants can have on overall health and improvement of risk factors.

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