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Bacterial Infections And Your Declining Immunity!

The words bacterial infections mean different things to different people. In our daily movement throughout our individual world, we interact with all kinds of germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and other invaders that if given the chance to enter our bodies will feed off our insides.

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They enter through the skin, nostrils, lungs, and gut. We are blessed to have organs that have many mechanisms that protect us from these invaders.

These invasion causes us to experience colds, infections and other serious health issues. As we age, you know the immune system weakens, and our natural protection decrease in the body making us vulnerable.

The issue of immunity really comes down to how we manage and maintain the cells in our bodies, if we are of certain heredity like African-American

Declining Defenses

With our defenses declining, our risk for infections increases.

Like for instance my body, it might be mucus oozing from nostril, when some foreign substance is attacking the body and the body is working hard to show it the exit door. This I can relate to because when I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure my body started rejecting everything my doctors prescribed to help.

Likewise, women may think of yeast infections as part of the declining defenses, parents might think of ear infections, and men their sexuality.


Or when it comes to aging, and this we can all relate to since we are aging daily with some of us much faster than others.

Then there’s chronic infections, and also the acute infections like bacteria and viruses that makes us sick.


All of the above fits into the definition of infections.


This is when bacteria and other germs trigger inflammatory responses within the body that ages the entire system.

This kind of inflammatory response predisposes all of us to cell replications, which in turn increases the risk of mutations that can lead to chronic diseases, of which high blood pressure is one.

Bacteria Mutation

With the growth of bacteria, the body doesn’t really have enough time for the many serious adjustments necessary to for us to recover. Instead, infections lead to people dying like with the influenza pandemic of 1918 and now 2020.


Bacteria tend to mutate fast and frequently which is why they become resistant to antibiotics.

Infections have shaped our genes, through natural selection and have forced the human population to develop complex system to protect themselves.

Also aging weaken our immune function, which then becomes one of the first places we see changes in our health.

Foods That Fight Bacterial Infections

You ever notice that doctors are hesitant to prescribe antibiotics to fight off viral infections like the flu. That’s because antibiotics can kill off all the good bacteria in your gut, leaving the virus untouched and running wild throughout the body.

So instead of taking antibiotics for bacterial infections, eat probiotics and simple foods that protect your gut. This is one way to reduce the inflammation within your body so you may recover.

That's why I always say a daily diet of good nutrition strengthens us physically, so do reading, and meditating. I know you can’t avoid anxiety producing situations in life, but when your spirituality is strong you can overcome them.

Sexual And Other Activities That Helps The Aging Immune System

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Another way to help in your recovery, bacterial infections and the like... this I find very funny is to have sex…. Yes that’s right you are reading correctly.

Since bacteria can kill us all off, it is said sexual reproduction allows for the mixing of genes among different people – between you and your other half. This ensures a diversity of disease-fighting cells that can keep up with the generating pace of faster evolving pathogens.


Another activity that I am mentioning last, but is not the least, is an activity that harmonize the balancing of your chakra’s energies. This is one of the secrets to the successful treatment of reduction and reversal of my high blood pressure online program.

During this time of uncertainties and chronic underlining conditions of:-

  • Obesity – a risk factor for diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • Diabetes – is found to contribute to blood pressure.

  • High Blood Pressure – damages the body’s organs and can trigger kidney disease.

that are all linked to the inflammatory conditions that's listed as the cause for the higher death rate of COVID-19.

Presently and for a limited time period, I am offering a steep discount to my online nutrition program as my way of contribution to restoring your health from the cellular level so that we all may survive.

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