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Infectious Disease Impact On High Blood Pressure Diagnosed Individuals

This infectious disease impact, COVID-19, around the world seems so inescapable especially to those who are of African descendants, Hispanic or Latino communities. For African descendants it all seems to come back to those who managed to survive the crossing due to their ability to retain sodium.

Now the retaining of sodium works against individuals that are diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes because of those diseases’ damaging effects on the organs of their bodies.

Teddy Bear. Infectious Disease Impact.

To be clear, scientific studies to-date have ruled out any genetic role in this infectious disease, COVID-19, severity or susceptibility to these chronic diseases but has placed the emphasis on the living circumstances in which a person reside.

Social distancing has been key in the control of this virus, but it goes against how some buildings were constructed and also against the cultural aspect of some family units.

Why Infectious Disease Impact Rates Are Higher?

Now the question becomes why this infectious disease, Coronavirus, impact is felt so much more on people of color. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is that the places people live, work and play an important role. Along with accessibility to quality foods and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

These communities are essential workers who are the mainstay in the healthcare system and cannot work from home.

So could the quality of the food they consume compromise the immune system raising their health risks across the board?

I say YES! The problem seems to be twofold between the region you live in that lack retailers offering healthy food; or people making unhealthy choices even when healthy food is accessible.

Healthy Skin on Hand. Infectious Disease Impact.

There is always a solution to every problem if you look for it and are willing to make the effort necessary to effect change. A dietary approach is very successful among people of color with high blood pressure.

What stood out to me from this John Hopkins University coronavirus prevention contagious avoidance report is that the virus CANNOT go through healthy skin.

And all we need to do to beat this deadly infectious disease is to eat the type of foods that makes up my reversal of high blood pressure, a chronic disease, that damages the human body organs on a daily basis if it is not controlled.

So I urge you to join today and get started on your healing of the body’s organs.

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