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Memory Stimulating Resources For Alzheimer's Support

As Alzheimer's disease progresses, doing these memory stimulating resources keeps you socially connected making it good for your brains. Tackling this debilitating disease by modifying the risk factors of high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, inactivity, may prevent you from ever developing certain illnesses.

The good news is our brains are capable of maintaining and repairing itself and this is known as Plasticity.

Your brain do build new connections. This is seen in recovering stroke victims, where they relearn the ability to talk and move. With so many advancement of technology medical research teams have been able to look inside the human brain while individuals are still alive to study brain activity in real time.

These researches have found several exciting development that have changed our understanding of how the brain ages, and the most common cause of dementia known as Alzheimer's.

The good news is that nearly all of us can dramatically reduce the risk of these diseases and live well into our old age with vibrant health and sharp minds.

So no matter what the family history is like, the age or symptoms, now is the time to take steps to put in place these memory stimulating resources for your loved ones.

Our Brain Can Grow New Cells

To help our brain function on an optimal level it needs social, cognitive and physical stimulation.

As Kenneth S. Kosik, MD, a neurologist, "who wrote the book Outsmarting Alzheimer's" have treated and researched many patients over the past twenty-five years, has stated that what an individual eats, if they exercise, improve the quality of sleep, keep the mind challenged and has quality social connections, all that can dramatically reduce the risk for developing this disease.

The conclusion is that the best time to start treating Alzheimer is before the earliest symptoms appear.

It is not unlike how high blood pressure develops over a period of time into a stroke. The years of constant pressure from the force of the flowing of your blood and its affects on your kidneys, your vision and your heart. Resulting into a heart disease or other associated illnesses.

So with your risk factor of high blood pressure, now is the time to start incorporating the strategies from Outsmarting Alzheimer's: What You Can Do to Reduce Your Risk into your life. So start incorporating these memory stimulating resources and improve your brain's health today.

Memory Stimulating Resources - Six Daily Activities

All these memory stimulating resources can be found in the book Outsmarting Alzheimer's:

  1. Being Social: With these wide range of tools you can remain socially connected even when your memory is failing, and, if you are mobility challenged.

    Tablets, whether you use iPad or any other handheld tablets will connect you to others without you having to leave your home.

    Facebook keeps you up-to-date on what your friends and family are doing. FaceTime, Skype and other video-messing programs allows you to see who you are talking to and for them to also see you.

    Picture Phones: If you use Landline phones they now come with auto-dial features, while some allowing you to affix photos of who you often call.

    POV Cameras: A tiny wearable cameras can help you to record and remember your day, complementing your autobiographical memory.

  2. Your Meals: Cooking a healthy meal shouldn't be a core. Eat more fruits and veggies by using blenders. Outsmarting Alzheimer also states that having plates in a different color from the food you are eating will have you eating less because the food will appear larger.

  3. Exercising whether indoors or not is a must. It is also suggested that if you are unsteady on your feet, getting a state-of-the-art vibrating shoe that uses sound waves to stimulate the bottom of your feet, warming them and increasing circulation is possible. These shoes are made by Good Vibrations.

  4. Resilience Smart Resources To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease using biofeedback devices.

  5. Train Your Brain are brain training systems like Lumosity, Brain HQ and Dakim offers personalized courses that prompt you to do their brain-training exercises on a set schedule.

    Then there is Anki (, a free electronic flash card system that can help you learn everything from the periodic table to advanced math to foreign languages.

    GE Healthcare has also gotten into the neurological disorders and offers a free app called GE Mind app that features art, music, and dance activities. It also give you the option to create your own music or watch other peoples videos even from different countries.

  6. The Importance of Sleep offering sleep smarts resources. Though all you really need for a good night sleep is a full day of activities, comfortable mattress and pillow.

Security Measures

As this disease progresses keeping the individual safe becomes even more important. They might fall, become disoriented, or get lost. This is where sensors can be attached to a key chain or inserted into shoes.

Or a GPS tracking device may help you find your loved ones if they get lost. They come in ankle bracelets, pendants, watches.

Caregivers can also use technology to help monitor and assist in the taking care of loved ones by installing motion sensors if your love ones tend to wander or gets up in the middle of the night.

There are lots of security companies out there who offers technology specifically designed for this type of illness.

Use Comprehensive Training And Protective Approaches

Use Outsmarting Alzheimer's What you Can Do Ro Reduce Your Risk as an entire package that offers the promise for maintaining lifelong cognitive health.

So you see healthy living is a good idea. Reducing your risk for heart disease and many other diseases do have an incredible impact on the health of your brain.

By applying these memory stimulating resources exercises you can enjoy your old age with a healthy, vibrant mind.

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