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Losing Weight Affects Your High Blood Pressure Readings Significantly

Losing weight is the best approach to significantly lowering high blood pressure. This does not mean that skinny people do not have blood pressure problems, they do. But being overweight with no energy, having shortness of breath, with joint problems and experiencing bad side effects from medications is not you living to your fullest. Know that we all have the power to heal and change.

Mild hypertension is just as dangerous as high or elevated blood pressure. So focusing on treatments that includes nutrition to control this silent killer numbers, the prospects are less likely for you to suffer illness or early death.

Losing weight becomes an important factor for those who are overweight. Using moderation with regards to alcohol consumption, holding sodium intakes to prescribed levels, increasing the consumptions of fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Fats and oils are essential building blocks for the cells of your body and the support of hormonal health. Know that its sugar that makes you fat.  Just be sure you are consuming healthy fats with your meals and also included in these healthy snacks that fuel your body.

Calcium, potassium, magnesium as well as physical activities seems to play a role in obesity and the lowering of high blood pressure.

Weight Loss Program

This weight loss program is a bit different from anything you have ever read before. Have you ever thought of losing weight by following the eating habits of animals. They eat three-quarters of their waking lives and never get fat.

I recently read a magazine that suggested that we should eat like how these animals listed below eats. They further said birds, mammals and beasts spend most of their waking lives acquiring and consuming foods but never get fat.

So I thought I should share the diet advice researchers gleaned from these beautiful and interesting animals who are on the lower food chain.


Cow drinking water,

I am not saying you are to drink 2,000 ounces of water daily, but cows do to stay hydrated. Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst and as a plus water gives you a feeling of being full.

Researchers state that when humans drinks 16 ounces of water half-hour before each meal these individuals lost an average of 10 pounds in twelve weeks.  

To me having a weight loss of ten pounds in twelve weeks is impressive due to water intake alone. So think what happens when combined with the other weight loss tips below.


Cornell University researchers compared how monkeys snacked on fresh produce, grabbing fruits and hanging leaves from branches because it was within their easy reach with no preparation necessary.

Compared their research to women who had fruits and vegetables cut up and packaged and combined with fat, protein, fiber, carrots, celery and raisins into small clear containers for easy access to snack on during the day were fourteen pounds lighter.

The convenience of the easy to reach for an already put together healthy snack seems to work very well in these women losing weight.


Those amazing and beautiful aquatic birds take a break from food or fast for a month or more.  Human beings only need to aim for a nightly 12-hour fasting from eating. 

Researchers at the Northwestern University states that individual who stop eating earlier in the evening consume 250 fewer calories daily than those who nibble late at night.

They further state that when you fast, the body uses up its preferred fuel and starts burning fat stores for energy.


Sheeps takes a lot of time chew their food. Mindful eating or taking the time to really chew your foods makes you savor the flavors and textures of your meal, while lessening the sensations of hunger.  

This they say allows you to consume 300 fewer calories daily.


Young whales subsist on milk that are ten times fattier than what is in a carton of milk.


Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D., Wellness Manager for the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, stated that women who chose high-fat dairy were eight percent less likely to become overweight or obese compared to those who consumed low-fat dairy.

The Wellness Institute thinks when you limit fat you consume a less-filling diet of sugar and carbs. Full fat foods are higher in calories, but the body breaks them down slowly with you feeling satiated longer.

The end result is you eat less.

The Benefits Of Losing Weight And Its Affect On High Blood Pressure

Measuring tape and scale.

Weight loss significantly affects blood pressure but diet alone should not be the only way.  Physical activity of some kind should be included to tone your heart and muscles.

Physical activity is so important that it changes the hormonal climate within the body, by reducing stress, stress hormones, redistributes body water, eases the transit of the blood through the peripheral arteries and really lowers blood pressure.

So do you want to live an extraordinary life filled with abundance and health or a life full of frustration and disease?  Fuel your body for optimal energy and power by making the right food choices.  Its all up to you.

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