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High Blood Pressure Impotence Is Curable

High blood pressure impotence is a very common occurrence which is curable in many cases. And, as you know the symptoms are higher if you are suffering from severe hypertension and are of an older age. Let's review the causes of high blood pressure, impotence and measures that you need to take.

Causes Of Impotence With High Blood Pressure

Some of the major causes are:

  • Medications like water pills or beta blockers are presumed to be big reasons for impotence if you have high blood pressure. It is highly recommended that you inform your physician as soon as you experience impotence so that he or she can prescribe an alternative medication.

  • Broken String Representing Tension
  • If you have feelings of distress, lose your temper quickly and suffer from emotional stress, which are some of the major conditions triggering impotence. Moreover, if you smoke and drink excessive amounts of alcohol you run a high risk of impotence.

  • High blood pressure also affects secretion of certain hormones that help to relax your muscles and blood arteries. When proper production of such chemicals does not occur, or your hormones are not in balance, you start to suffer from physical weakness.

  • Chronic high blood pressure causes your blood vessels to shrink which prevents blood flow and oxygen to circulate properly in your body. A study also shows that nearly 70% of men having high blood pressure are suffering from impotence.

  • Due to high blood pressure your kidneys become affected and lose its ability to filter blood properly. Poorly filtered blood is another major cause of weakness and impotence.

Treating High Blood Pressure Impotence

Here are a handful of easy and highly effective tips for treating impotence resulting from high blood pressure:

Change In Lifestyle

Do some light exercise on a daily basis. A nice morning walk or jogging will be greatly helpful for your impotence and high blood pressure problems.

Getting involved in a healthy and interesting activities will keep you busy and provide you ease of mind which will speed up the curing process.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Talk with your doctor regarding the illness and the current counter measures you are taking so that he or she will be able to recommend better mediation.

Often alpha blockers, some inhibitors and relaxants have shown great improvements in individuals who are having this condition.

And, remember to reduce your sodium intake from your diet and cut down on nicotine, caffeine and alcoholic consumption.

Recommended Diet

Drink two to three liters of water every day. It is one of the natural and marvelously proven cures for high blood pressure and impotence.  Water will detoxify your blood like nothing else can do.

The best diet plan should include milk, yogurt, banana, lentil soup, coconut milk, and high fiber diet. And, avoid spicy, canned and oily food as much as you can.

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