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Facts About High Blood Pressure That May Lead To A Cure

Knowing the facts about high blood pressure is very important for every one, teens, adult and even children, especially if you are concerned about their/your health and fitness.  Hypertension or high blood pressure is a preventative and reversible disease.

Yet it is one of the biggest causes of heart attack and stroke. Reason behind this is you are unaware of your condition and so you cannot treat or prevent it.

Managing your high blood pressure is an early step in preventing the many complications of cardiovascular diseases.  We'll discuss some of the facts about high blood pressure that will help you to better understand the nature of this disease.

What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is a force or pressure of your blood against the walls of your arteries when your heart is supplying blood to the organ throughout your body.

If this pressure remains higher than normal it causes several health problems. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).  Any level above this measurement is considered as pre-hypertensive or hypertension.

Read even more about what is high blood pressure.

Major Facts About High Blood Pressure

  • In the US alone medical studies states that every third person is suffering from high blood pressure.

  • High blood pressure can and do damage your heart and kidneys, if left untreated.

  • Most men in their forties and women in their sixties develop high blood pressure.

  • 25% of hypertensive individuals do not even know that they have this reversible disease. Those who know and are getting treatments are showing successful results.

  • In most cases, the disease does not show any symptoms, it is a silent killer. So it is really important to get your blood pressure monitored before it starts harming your body organs.

But what I want you to consider; is there a high blood pressure cure?

Facts About Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Glass of water.

Start by increasing your water consumption in your diet and take steps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Stay away from stress as much as possible.  If the problem is not within your control, do not stress about it, it will take care of itself.  Worrying is wasted effort and time.

Cut down on your intake of caffeine, alcohol, sodium and get help to quit smoking.  Include as much as possible into your diet fresh fruits and raw vegetables. 

If you are already on medication, regularly take your medicine, do not skip your dosage even if your blood pressure start going down.  If you are now having normal blood pressure readings, talk with your doctor, only your doctor can lower your medication or tell you when you can stop taking them.

Who Suffers Most From High Blood Pressure?

  • If you are a smoker or a passive smoker you are at high risk of developing hypertension.

  • Enjoy eating fatty foods, are over-weight and not physically active... you are possibly already a victim of this disease.

  • If high blood pressure runs in your family, and especially if you are African American, your chances of becoming hypertensive are higher.

  • Stressful lifestyle and older in age, those are some of the big reasons that you develop high blood pressure.

  • If you already have kidney and/or thyroid problems, you are likely to experience blood pressure increase.

  • And if you are taking birth control pills, your risk is higher to develop high blood pressure.

Despite the severity of this disease, it is treatable. All you need to do is develop a healthy lifestyle, manage your stress by exercising often and keep yourself informed with the facts about high blood pressure.

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