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Exercising Balances Immune System

The Body's Defensive Machine

Exercising balances immune systems every time. Our immune system is our body’s defense force against us succumbing to infections and diseases that bacteria, viruses, and parasites are trying to inflict.

Exercising allows us to have a stronger heart, better cholesterol levels, stronger lungs, bones and muscles and best of all lowers our blood pressure measurements.

And, another great benefit to exercising is it helps to reduce our appetite. I think it is all that drinking of water. Though lots of people believe that their appetites increase. Researchers states that individual tend to eat a bit more because with an active physical program they believe eating more will not interfere with their ability to lose weight.

It also goes into protection mode and help in the protection against diabetes.


Inactivity leads to all sorts of health problems like heart disease, obesity and depression to name a few.


Lets get to know this ideal self-healer.

How Exercising Protect From Infections And Diseases

All diseases mentioned above have one thing in common, chronic inflammation. Inflammation in the body’s tissues is usually brought about by an infection. But when we are exercising and our immune system is working the body’s defensive force heals the swelling and redness of infections.

Inflammation becomes a problem when it progresses into a chronic stage. Tart cherries are known to be effective in inflammation control and have even helped in the reversal risk factors.

Exercising balances our immune system by going into action to heal the human body by triggering the release of healing chemicals.


The human body is definitely designed to self-heal under the right conditions and exercising is one of those conditions. So here are some ideas on a fitness program to lower blood pressure.

Exercising Balances Immune System

Our immune system is made up of many different types of immune cells. These go to work when a virus plants itself into the bloodstream. But these cells needs the help of an exercise, even low intensity exercises such as walking, yoga, helps in the regulation of your immune system.


Exercising also slows the aging process, since as we age our immune functions also slows.

It also has an impact on the brain. The brain has neurotransmitters that elevate moods, namely serotonin and norepinephrine, the chemicals that is used mostly in antidepressant medication. Exercise alters these neurotransmitters quickly thereby lifting depression.


As you can see exercise is one of the best natural drugs with outstanding benefits.


So lets take up exercising to balance our immune system today.

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