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Start Your Fitness Program Today And Have Fun

It is never a good time to start a fitness program because life always get in the way no matter what.  For our health we all need to exercise but getting up early and going to the gym in the morning or right after work can be anything but fun.  Though staying trim and fit can be fun if you simply find the best routine and activity you enjoy most.

But I urge you to make some type of physical activity part of your weekly goal, especially as you age, because your circulation needs it.

Being fit is having the ability to run, swim or bike long distances without undue fatigue, along with proper nutrition.  Exercising often will improve your overall strength and muscle tone.

For me my fun fitness class is this circuit training class at my YMCA that starts at 6:00 am on a Tuesday morning.  It is always a pain to get up and go but the group is fun, I look forward to seeing them.  After completing that class I have so much energy and those fabulous endorphins gives me a high all day, it is worth it.

So stop the excuses and get moving, especially since this is one of the best way to lower your high blood pressure and keep it under control.  And as always check with your doctor before starting any exercises to lower blood pressure.

How Do You Get Started On Your Fitness Program

As I stated before there is never a perfect time to start an exercise program, but any type of movement is good for your heart muscles. Your family wants you around and living a quality lifestyle.  You just have to schedule the time like how you schedule everything else in your life.  After a while it becomes a habit.

So lets get moving with some of these fun exercises:

Enroll In A Cycling Or Spinning Class

This is a fun way to raise your heart rate, build strength in your legs and tighten core muscles and you are in total control. Think of it as you riding the waves of life. You move your bike pedals to the rhythm of the music and don't even realize how hard you are working out. You can stay seated if you so desire or do the different positions that the instructor ask of you.

Ride the waves.

A spinning class is usually for about 45 - 60 minutes of a group cycling at different levels to great music.  With all the resistance being added throughout the class, to me this is like a form of weight training and a great cardio.

So enhance your fitness program and enroll in a spinning class.  No one will be paying any attention to you because the studio is dimly lit and everyone is swaying to the music.

Swimming As An Exercise


Swimming at least once weekly is a must for me it plays a major role in my blood circulation and is an exercise that doesn't pound on my joints, plus it is an exercise for high blood pressure that is great for it work your entire body.  It builds physical endurance as well as your muscles.

If you are overweight this is a good way to start by doing some aqua aerobics in a pool.  It is so much easier on your joints.  I do lots of jumping jacks and running in the water without realizing how hard I am exercising.

This can be a lot of fun, give it a try.

Walking - The Best Workout Of All

Walking exercise.

I read somewhere that if you cannot walk you automatically shorten your life span so get moving.  Walking is something you have to do and it requires no special equipment or designated place.

Walking or running are very popular activities for almost everyone of all ages.  It can be done indoors or outside all you need to do is invest in a good pair of comfortable and properly fit shoe.

Four Ways To Avoid Injury When You Exercise

Avoiding injury to your muscle is a must since we do not want anything to keep you from exercising.  So here are some training pitfalls to avoid:

  • Warm up before you start your workout.  A warm-up is usually a high-rep, low-intensity, quick-paced exercises to increase the blood flow to your muscles in preparation for a complete workout.  This ensures that your muscles are supple and pliable.
  • Stretch to get your muscles ready for your workout and after weight training. Move slowly and relax into a stretch, avoid bouncing. When I stretch at the end of my workout I always feel a little tingling through my muscles - it is a good feeling.
  • Incorrect Technique:  You can pull a muscle or tear a connective tissue if you are doing the wrong technique.  Make sure you follow the instructor's pose, watch carefully through the mirror or ask for assistance.
  • Heavy Weight:  If you are new to weight training don't use too much weight.  If you can't control the weight most likely it is too heavy for you. 

Remember with any fitness program you have to listen to your body.  It is normal for your body to be sore for a couple of days this is normal for a beginner.  As your body becomes more used to exercising your soreness recovery rate will increase.

A fitness program is very important for your health.  It help build your energy for you to live a full life.  There is no doubt and it has been proven over and over again exercising brings blood and oxygen to all the muscles and organs in your body and is extremely important in lowering your blood pressure.

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