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What Your Doctor May Not Say As You Of The Black Community Seek Health Treatment!

Being part of the Black Community I know your doctor may not say to you on how to manage not being seen at times as a human being, as a father, son, husband, wife, daughter, someone who is the glue to a family or community.

About how your body process traumatic experiences or if they even understand how it affects your mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

Hi, I am Donna Williams your Holistic Health Coach.

The trauma that is witness and experienced for generations within the Black community is sometimes of extreme emotional response to an event, and our inability to use our coping skills triggers high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses.

Your doctors have no idea how your mind and body is affected. Likewise, you often don’t think the event is affecting you directly. But indirectly when you constantly witness the killing of your people, you experience some level of trauma. 

What you don’t realize is confronting that trauma happening within the mind and body is the first step in treating its effects on your health.

In the African American community a lot of the trauma is about survival.

Lets Talk About Your Doctor's Treatment

From the medications prescribed by your doctor you greatly increase the risk of suffering a heart attack, developing kidney failure, experiencing vision loss, a stroke and other problems, just from being diagnosed and taking high blood pressure drugs. 

With the awareness happening within the global community at this time, you need to embrace a more thorough approach to conquering hypertension, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. There are new and proven methods of treating many chronic diseases.

What do you think? I say yes, it is past time that we should now use nutraceuticals, those foods and supplements that have medicinal properties.

Asian slaw and asparagus.

The present approach of doctors is to prescribe medications, suggesting you drop down to your ideal weight, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and make lifestyle changes. All that should be fairly effective in treating high blood pressure, but it is not enough for the Black community. 


Your doctors, at least mine did say when I insisted and asked what else I could do to help myself in getting rid of my horrible side effects... said eat less salt, lose weight, exercise and take calcium and potassium.

No discussion of other approaches that does not have the same intolerable effects of high blood pressure and the prescribed medications.

So, what can we do? What can you do?

What Your Doctor May Not Say!

I think now is the time to broaden the approach to treating this silent killer, that also treat both mind and body in an easy to tolerate, inexpensive treatment that can easily be incorporated into everyone’s life.


For some reason doctors don’t tell you about other tolerable approaches that can lower your systolic (top) blood pressure by 10 mm Hg or more, diastolic (bottom) pressure 5 mm Hg or more, by consuming common nutrients, foods, supplements and other substances.

These reductions are impressive. Your doctor may not say to or are not allowed to say to you that they would love to see such a reduction without the use of the standard drugs geared towards the black and brown communities that I am a part of.

We’re also talking about a treatment plan that also nurture the whole human body. Helping Black women and community process trauma and understand how it affects their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Life Processes

Lets talk about life processes for a minute. Life processes are carried on by two distinct methods: The constructive and destructive activities. This is a recurring and ongoing seven years event within the human body.

First, we consume nutritious material necessary for the renewing of cells. 


Second the cells break down and excrete the waste material.  If no daily excretion, then waste material accumulates and saturates the tissues, which causes autointoxication.


Both processes are necessary for the healthy functioning of life within the human body. But health is not only about diet and exercise.

Black community.

It’s about the balancing of your primary food which is – career, relationships, spirituality, physical activity and other lifestyle factors all playing an equal and important role in overall health.

We are not just hungry for nourishing foods, we need love, movement, stability, adventure, self-expression in our lives to thrive and to have a higher purpose.

How to overcome high blood pressure online program addresses all those needs. Every day for 42 days I cover all those and more thought-provoking topics.


I have you daily thinking about and delving into New Beginning, Fear/Ego, Life Can Be Sweet, Fear of Healing, Loving Self, Happiness, Recognize Your Magnificence, Subconscious Mind, Transformational Process, Prosperity, Forgiveness, Write Your Stress Away, Belief, to name a few.

I don’t want to end this talk, and hopefully we’ll be having this talk every week, by not saying medicines used to control blood pressure can be and are very helpful. They have saved lives, but they have their limits. That is why your doctor should be educating you about other non-medicinal approaches.

From my experiences with the dangerous side effects of blood pressure medications I had to make a choice. To live life in a better way or continue on that journey of pain, mindlessness, poison, and the chance of my medications creating additional chronic diseases.

I chose LIFE!!

You too can empower your life; it is risk free ... become a member of my "How To Overcome High Blood Pressure Group" now.  Lets learn how to use coping skills when faced with the trauma within the Black community and eradicate high blood pressure.

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