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Your Annual Check Up

by Donna M

Part of staying strong and healthy isn't just about luck or your inherited genes you have to include your annual check up into the mix, especially if you have high blood pressure.

Getting check-ups and other kinds of medical examination is something you have to make time for. These test do not prevent you from getting hypertension or any other type of illness. But, if you do not know that you have this silent killer, not knowing can cause you serious health issues.

Start this year by making a conscious decision to nurture your own well-being with respect and love for your own body at every age.

Here are some high blood pressure check-ups you cannot live without:


At least every two year depending on your health and your age these important procedures/tests becomes even more important as you grow older.

Know Your Pulse Range: Your pulse is a measure of your heart contracting and pushing blood through your arteries. Your Doctor checks for a normal pulse range of about sixty to eighty beats per minute for an adult and faster for children. Your pulse should not have skipped beats, must be regular and strong and if you exercise on a regularly your pulse may even be less than the normal range.

Test Your Blood Pressure: High blood pressure or hypertension has become very common and affects more than half the population around the around the world and is more likely to be present in
older people. It can lead to heart disease and stroke. Your physician will take a reading and records your systolic pressure that measures your heart as it contracts and your diastolic pressure that measures your heart at rest. Note: Your systolic number, which is the top number, is more affected by stress.

Blood Tests: Your health-care practitioner may prick your finger and take a little bit of blood to measure the level of your blood cells. Or may draw two to three test tubes of blood from a vein in your arm and send to be analyzed. These tests can detect cholesterol, and other types of diseases or illness. Always request a copy for your records and have your practitioner explain anything you do not understand.

Urinalysis: Urine tests are also beneficial to your body. It detect the presence of sugar, blood, to help diagnose kidney, bladder and liver infections.

These are just some of the routine physical examination that should be part of your annual check up. You should also talk to your doctor about what you are eating, your exercise program, and any other health concerns that you may have in mind.

You must be able to talk openly and honestly with your health-care practitioner and if they won't listen to your concerns, find yourself another who has the time for you.

Remember it is your money, your health and your life. Get your annual check up today and stop this silent killer known as high blood pressure.

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