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The Effect Of Thought On Our Health, Body And Life!

The effect of a negative thought on our health like anger, disappointment, envy, hate, malice in your mind impacts your body and life over time.  Your body sink deeply into disease and aging. At your command when you counteract with positive, loving thinking the mind and body’s rhythms and cells respond, relaxing into youthfulness and beauty.

Tension - the effects of thought on the body.

I remember an occasion when I got so angry my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. In that same year my Mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died. Right after that I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. 

I think on the day of my anger when I didn’t speak up, I, instead swallowed my anger, I think is what and when the development of this chronic disease started.

How Diseases Are Born….

When you:

  • Silence your tears
  • Swallow "the bitter pill"
  • Shut your mouth!
  • Silence your heart
Angry Black Woman.

But the body speaks, oh does it speak!

  • It speaks through the fingers, tapping on the table surface!
  • It speaks through restless feet in bed!
  • It speaks through a nasty headache
  • It speaks through gastritis, reflux, and anxiety
  • It speaks through a knot on your throat
  • It speaks through anguish and a wrinkle on the forehead
  • It speaks through insomnia or too much sleeping.

You might silence your voice, but the inner dialogue begins!

People get ill because they harbor and keep undigested issues in their hearts….

  • Expression soothes the soul!
  • Pain isn't meant to be lived forever!
  • Pain is a comma!
  • So write a letter, a poem, a book! Sing a song.
  • Pick up your shoes and tap dance!
  • Make a joke, create a text, paint a canvas, meet with your friends, even if it has to be virtual….
  • Jog in the park.
  • Speak with your therapist, converse with God… Be an Artist!
  • Talk to yourself, to your puppy, scream to the Heavens, BUT DON'T BE SILENCED!!!
  • Because if you swallow everything that you feel, you will end up drowning!


And the body speaks!

- Unknown Author

There are readings that proves how impactful the role thoughts play in the spontaneous recovery from irreversible and incurable diseases by individuals. 

Power vs. Force, written by Dr. David Hawkins, states; “In every studied case of recovery from hopeless and untreatable disease, there has been a major shift in consciousness, so that the attractor patterns that resulted in the pathologic process no longer dominated.”

How amazing is that statement…..we can attract a thought into our lives through our level of consciousness, and we can change what we attract, especially if you are looking for healing.

Women And Intimidation

Women are often times cowed into or intimidated into silence, where they then develop health issues. After not even acknowledging the painful thought that’s impacting our heart, body and mind because we are totality unaware that, that is the reason for our illness.

Within my reversal of high blood pressure online program, I guide you through daily thinking patterns and affirmations that help you in releasing stress and forgiveness for yourself and everyone so that you can receive your good.

By just saying these words, I forgive everyone, and everyone forgives me; I forgive myself and am forgiven; each day or night with as much sincerity as you can it will pay off for you in the end. It gets easier over time.

Your body is the servant of your mind and obeys whatever the mind commands whether deliberately chosen or automatically expressed. Lets express wisely because disease and health are rooted in thought.

And sometimes the person we most need to forgive is ourselves.

Practice Forgiveness And Go Free To Experience A Higher And Greater Good In Your Life!

Forgiveness was a difficult thing for me to learn and then do, because I have been critical of myself for what I felt were past mistakes. Before I thought I knew about forgiveness, but I didn’t. I learnt that whatever I may hold against another I also hold it against myself.

Self love thoughts.

By letting go of my anger, I was freed and by freeing myself I received more of the good I deserved.

As part of my program in the development of normal blood pressure levels that sticks, there’s a day when I ask you to set aside a time to say the words of forgiveness, even if its not true at the moment or that even if you don’t want to forgive that person at that point. Together we do:

  • An affirmation
  • A 10-minute guided meditation
  • Along with other tools for you to use

Bitter or impure thoughts, even if it’s an unconscious thought you’ll soon notice how it impact your nervous system, how the body reacts, laying it open to the entrance of disease. That is what I think happened to me on the day of my anger, when I didn’t speak up, instead I kept quiet.

Thought On Our Health, Forgiveness And Purpose!

Forgiveness is for your benefit not anyone else’s. It frees us, it heals the bodies and our lives, it truly does, but it is the most difficult step we must take in our healing process. This I know for sure because when I truly forgive, I feel like a weight is lifted off my chest and I can breathe deeply again.

As James Allen said, ‘strong, pure, and happy thoughts build up the body in vigor and grace’. 

How do you feel when you read that forgiveness is part of my prevention and reversal of high blood pressure class?  It doesn’t mean that you absolve a person of their actions or that you’re showing weakness to be hurt by them again.

It just means that you can recognize they did something wrong, but you have chosen to rise above the situation and not let it have any power over you anymore.

Let me help you to align the thought on our health fearlessly to a purpose and become a creative force. So join my online class today!!

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