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Set A New Goal To Live Younger!

Set a new goal that revolves around your passion. What do you think about setting seasonal goals…can you imagine that? This would make it interesting because you would do some things seasonal. This way you don't have to limit yourself to only setting new goals as you approach the new year.

One practice I like is setting seasonal goals. These can often revolve around the different feelings of each season, which helps for these new habits and practices to feel more natural.  


Hi, I’m Donna Williams, Certified Holistic Health Coach, owner and creator of info on high blood pressure website that focuses on the health and wellbeing of women of color, the elderly, and adults like you looking to get your life back, be in control of your body, have fun again living healthy, strong, fit, sexy and smart even into your 80s and beyond. 

Its Time To Set A New Goal That Send The Chemical Signals Throughout The Body

For the body's cells to rebuild younger you'll have to set a new goal that revolves around your passion, and in this case, we're talking about embracing an exercising activity on a regular basis.

The human body respond to the chemical signals sent by whichever exercise you decide to do making the body powerful and efficient.

If you are lucky enough to have an athletic passion, like swimming, running, biking by all means tap into it, it could become your core activity. But there’s one activity that everyone of us can tap into and its free.  Walking!!!

Walking is God’s gift to us all, where you can swing your arms to work up a strong heartbeat.


Personally, apart from walking I love doing spin classes, where I’m in a room full of spinning men and women, early in the morning with the sunlight creeping in.

Music is blasting and my imagination is running wild of me biking over hills, down into valleys of beauty, sometime with greenery all around and another time with the ocean spread out off to the side with the wind blowing in my face.

Another activity I do and get a high from is boot camp. Late last year I set this new goal of participating in a boot camp. What I didn’t know is that it would cure my arthritis fingers and knees.

My fingers that couldn’t fully close for months, since the start of doing boot camp my fingers now fully close into my palm and my knees joint stiffness especially after sitting for a while is all gone.


There’s no turning back for me, exercising on a regular basis is a major part of keeping my body youthful and strong.

Warmer And Longer Daylight

Set a new goal of exercising regularly.

Spring is a great time to make this profound resolution. It has always been the most powerful signal we receive that its time to live and grow. So jump start this new life. For example, you can plan to start taking daily walks in springtime. 


Think of the array of colors you’ll be seeing as new buds are bursting through the earth, daffodils, tulips, azaleas and so many other plants waking up from their winter slumber.

This will feel like an exciting goal you are starting because the weather is changing from frigid to tolerable. With the sunshine is warmer each day, and the daylight getting longer every day.

You'll be clamoring to get outside and enjoy it, which will make your daily walks almost seem effortless. 

Another seasonal example might be focusing on going to bed earlier and getting at least eight hours of sleep in the winter. This will be way easier when the sun sets early in the winter months and might feel way more challenging if you set the same goal in summer when it's daylight for longer.  

Pick A Time To Exercise

Pick a time to go walking, it’s a lot easier to get in your exercise if you have a regular time. Same time every day, so its not a new decision every time.

I prefer mornings to get in my exercise because it is one of my priorities. Because if you want a physically fit and pain-free body that moves easily through life, with plans on living a long and healthy life you must set a new goal that includes daily sweat breaking physical movements.

So let me urge you again to set a new goal that have you living younger. To achieve this make exercising a priority, if you want longevity, flexibility, slow the aging process of your organs and be as healthy as possible for as long as possible as you age gracefully.

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