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Reasons For High Blood Pressure
You Should Know About

Doctors do not understand the reasons for high blood pressure fully.  In fact, most people will never know what brought on the condition they have.  Yet, high blood pressure, or hypertension, is a serious health condition. Individuals suffering from pre-hypertension or hypertension may never know what lead to the condition, but they are likely to get it under control with a doctor's help and lifestyle changes.

Understanding The Reasons For High Blood Pressure Is Important

Do you know that high blood pressure is the most significant predisposing factor for heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease; and if left untreated, it will gradually destroy the heart, blood vessels and your kidneys?

The good news is ninety-five percent of all hypertension is controllable

If you take charge of your health you can prevent the factors that lead to hypertension and most likely decrease your dependence on drugs that may have some very dangerous side effects.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

If your doctor has told you that you have essential hypertension or primary high blood pressure, they do not know what lead to the onset of the condition.

Up to 95 percent of patients will wind up with this condition.  It is unlikely your doctor will be able to tell you what the cause of the high blood pressure is.

On the other hand, those diagnosed with secondary high blood pressure do have a named cause. That cause may be any of the following.

  1. Medication Causes: Those who take certain medications including cold remedies and birth control pills, or those who take some forms of prescription medications, may develop hypertension.

  2. Reasons For High Blood Pressure
  3. Internal Causes: Kidney abnormalities, congenital heart defects and tumors on the adrenal glands have links to the onset of high blood pressure.

  4. Illegal Drugs: Cocaine or amphetamine use can lead to high blood pressure.

Risk Factors For Senior Citizens

Some more reasons for high blood pressure are why men and women have a higher chance of developing this disease during middle age. For women, menopause seems to be a trigger. For men, the mid 40's seems to be the highest risk time frame.

In addition, your body mass index, or BMI can be a risk factor for the development of high blood pressure. Those who are overweight or obese may be more likely to develop high blood pressure.

How Can You Find Out?

Doctors do not fully understand the reasons for high blood pressure. You can determine if you have it by having your blood pressure regularly monitored. 

By measuring and keeping a record of your blood pressure readings at home with a Lotfancy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, 2 Users, 120 Reading Memory, Automatic Blood Pressure Machine with Medium Cuff(8.6”-14.2”), Digital BP Monitor with Large LCD Display so go ahead and purchase one today.

This is a FDA approved device with an irregular heart beat detector that will automatically alerts you when and if there is a heart rhythm that is either 25% faster or slower than the average rhythm detected during the measuring process.  Holds 120 memories for 4 groups, which is a lot of storage for you to compare with your doctor.

If your resting blood pressure is above 140/89, chances are good you have high blood pressure.

Monitor your blood pressure over a period, especially if you are currently dealing with a stressful time in your life.  A pattern of high blood pressure numbers over 120/80 may be a sign of the development of hypertension.  And, report these instances to your doctor so he or she can determine the cause, if possible.

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