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My Dog, Dart, As My Alternative High Blood Pressure Treatment

by Sheila
(New York)

My dog, Dart

My dog, Dart

Man or woman, pets of any size are helpful in reducing your blood pressure and in maintaining overall good health.

The therapeutic value of pets, be they dogs, cats, birds, or even horses, is well documented in medical journals.

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

Winston Churchill

But did you know that heart health is one of the primary benefits of the personal connection you have with your pets.

My dog, Dart, is a joy to me. He keeps me calm and very happy when he greet me on coming through the door. Happiness just when we are playing.

Advice From The Doctor

One of the most important advice your doctor will give you regarding your heart health, is for you to lower your blood pressure.

Along with prescribed medicines, your physician has most likely suggested that you work on lowering your blood pressure by making changes to your lifestyle.

De-Stressing Your Life

Mental stress is one of the worst things for your nervous system.

When you are stressed your body prepares itself to handle an emergency, even if it is just mental stress.

Your bloodstream is flooded with stress hormones, like adrenaline, giving you the strength and energy to physically fight off whatever is stressing you or run for your life.

But if you do not have any physical outlet for your stress the constant fight or flight hormones becomes very difficult
for your body to handle.

Your heart is racing like crazy, blood vessels constricting and your blood pressure skyrocketing.

You cannot constantly live this way without consequences to your heart.

Finding a way to relieve you of the constant feelings of chronic stress is a good thing.


Researchers states that we become calm and even happy when we interact with our pets. The physical contact and our conversation with our pet fills one of our most basic human need.

Dart is great company, we practically have conversations.

To prove to yourself the benefits you get from your interaction with animals, notice how your body relaxes and most likely it brings a smile to your face.

Studies of our interaction with our pets have shown that people with pets had lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and diminished risk of heart attacks when compared to those who did not own a pet.

Pet ownership is a stimulus for exercising regularly and sometimes for longer period for the safe feeling we get while running with our dogs.

There is much you can do to promote your own heart health by just making pets be a part of your daily life.

My dog, Dart, is healthy, active and I make sure his diet is balanced and not high in sodium.

I agree with Winston Churchill when he said the outside of a horse, cat, dog or bird is definitely good for the inside of anyone diagnosed with high blood pressure.

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Oct 14, 2015
Dog Lover
by: Rivera

One in all our finest concerns is that many folks, primarily veterans, are tricked into paying hundreds of thousands of greenbacks for puppies expert via companies that declare they can educate a PTSD dog in six weeks," she mentioned. "We understand that some smaller corporations cannot have the funds for to absolutely duvet the price of the dogs they position, but if an agency is requiring a patron to pay expenses, they should not ever be paid up front.

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