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Your HBP Morning Surge Numbers May Indicate Your Likelihood Of A Stroke!

Morning surge is a term coined in 2003 stated by a medical journal I read.  This surge has the power to create a life-or-death situation. But do you know your genes can be changed and therefore you can improve the code of your life.

Your high blood pressure morning surge is medically defined as the difference in systolic blood pressure during the first two hours after awakening and the lowest level of systolic blood pressure recorded during the day.  The greater the difference the more likely is the risk of stroke.


The top number of your blood pressure is your systolic measurement. When you have a high systolic pressure and normal diastolic pressure it definitely means you have hypertension.


Surf Board Fitness Exercise. Moving more. High Blood Pressure Morning Surge. Board Fitness Exercise

Doing something as simple as eating better, moving more and meditating has a profound effect on your genes? Therefore, you’re altering or causing changes that affects perhaps five hundred of your genes.

Since the many years of my certification on becoming a Holistic Health Coach and interacting with so many black women and the elderly, I have discovered that the code of life is a streaming message that never ends.

Deepak Chopra, MD said, ‘genes only affect you if they are switched on; they have no effect if they are switched off, and it depends on the person’s behavior and experiences’.

So think for a moment about the complications a high blood pressure morning surge signify and the lifestyle changes you can embrace to alter your risk factor.

Here's How Morning Surge Operates

The levels of our blood pressure change significantly throughout the day and night. 

Blood pressure is the amount of force exerted by the blood on the inside of your arteries as the blood travels throughout your circulatory system.  Our heart muscle contracts continuously and every time it contracts, blood is pressed against the walls of the arteries and the top number is measured as systolic blood pressure.

When the heart relaxes between beats, the pressure on the artery wall eases, and the bottom number is measured as diastolic blood pressure.  It is said the lowest pressures occur during our sleep when we are completely relaxed.  But when we all awake in the morning there is a surge in our blood pressure.  

Damaged heart. High Blood Pressure Morning Surge.

In 2003 a report by the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure announced new national guidelines that changed the definition of normal blood pressure.

  • Normal blood pressure is <120/80.
  • Pre-hypertension is between120/80 to 139/89.
  • Stage 1 High Blood Pressure is between 140/90 to 159/00 and;
  • Stage 2 High Blood Pressure is 160+/100+.

Studies states that for older individuals with hypertension a significant morning surge in blood pressure is not good.  Please note that the risk of stroke increases as we all age.

Here’s what you can do...Use a high blood pressure monitor when you wake, record the numbers, and discuss with your doctor on the next office visit.

How The Weather Affects Your Blood Pressure

Regardless of our age the weather affects our blood pressure.

Daytime blood pressure readings tend to be lower during the hot days of summer than during the cold weather days.  But older individuals, both men and women, with high blood pressure have higher blood pressure at night when the weather is hot.

I totally agree with this assumption because when its time to sleep I like my room temperature to be comfortable. How can you sleep if you’re sweating all the time? You’re losing valuable electrolytes.

Nose bleed. Morning Surge.

This I discovered from my own experience. During the summer months some nights I would wake up sweating, this is before I learned about morning surge, because we turn off the air-condition during the night, I don't like or want to hear it throughout the night.

Upon getting up in the morning my nose would be spotting blood.


Our body is always talking to us. If you have had a high blood pressure morning surge, did you notice anything unusual happening within your body? Do send me a note, I read all my emails and will respond, to tell me about your experience.

High blood pressure control and the fewest possible adverse effects are possible if you complement your doctor’s treatment with these lifestyle changes.

Always take into consideration your unique medical history and consult and communicate effectively with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or starting any form of exercise. 

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