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Using Sound During Meditation As Part Of Your Healing!

Meditation can become boring no matter how enthusiastic you are when you began to practice. That’s a good sign. Its an indication that your mind is running out of tricks in distracting you. Interesting and beneficial things are about to happen.

So, do you know you can alter your mood, slow your heart rate, calm your stress and anxiety, cultivate a sense of peace and wellbeing, and/or enter into a deep state of meditation by humming?

Also, a mind that's filled with fear can be penetrated by calmness when you practice meditation on a regular basis.

I’m sure you have many ideas about what meditation is and supposed to be and your initial experience might not match your idea. You might even say this is difficult how am I to sit still for five minutes?

Don’t worry about that I couldn’t even be still for a minute. An itch start happening somewhere on your body, or you suddenly want to use the bathroom. Yes, I’ve been there.


But when you can just sit, having the experience of what’s happening in the present moment you will have true ease. Not expecting perfection, just in your own body and mind….welcome to being you.

Sound Meditation And Its Healing Power

Most of us do not consider sound beyond the music that we enjoy listening to, or the intrusive sounds we hear throughout the day. The sounds we hear can set our mood by how they are associated within our minds and have a powerful effect on how we feel throughout the day.

Singing meditation bowl. Meditation Bowl

My body and mood react differently when listening to reggae music versus a new age classical piece meant to calm and soothe the spirit.

Whether or not we are consciously focused on the sounds we hear, our body and mind will reflect what we hear within through tension, relaxation, and emotion. Sound stimulates or triggers our senses and can serve as a powerful catalyst for transformation physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!

Everything has a specific vibrational frequency and sound, whether it is audible to the human ear or not. And it is through this natural resonance that we can tell a great deal about how sound affects the body and the mind, and how to tap into the higher wisdom and innate healing source that resides within each of us.

Make The Commitment

As I said before I couldn’t even sit still for a minute, now I can easily do 45 minutes. Granted there are days when my mind is going wild, then I force myself and aim for 5 minutes. Sometimes even that doesn’t work but just doing that sit down for a minute is beneficial.

The same will happen with you, but as you continue your practice at some point you find that meditation has a significant impact on your life, whether you’re doing it at your home, at a meditation center or with a group of friends.

Learn the essence of meditation with these Guided meditation practices.

I’m drawn to meditating in the mornings and alone, but any time is good so long as you make it a regular routine. Whichever practice you decide on it is the right one for you. And remember nothing is set in stone you can decide to do another of the many practices.

I have created 30 days of guided meditation for you to try this form of practice, and again remember consistency is more important than duration.

So, try things out for yourself and see what fits best with your life and engages your being. Do something you can commit to, and your life will change.

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