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Magnesium High Blood Pressure Treatments:  Do they Work?

What is the truth about magnesium high blood pressure treatments? You should know that magnesium is an extremely versatile mineral that is critical for lots of your biological functions, that includes your energy production, sleep, growth, healing, metabolism, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and bone mineralization.

But best of all for today, magnesium has therapeutic effects on our cardiovascular system. That was discover due to studies suggesting that magnesium deficiencies seem to predispose individuals to elevated blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions.

So today within this page I hope to inform you on how this mineral can help to control your high blood pressure, and how it works.

Recently, magnesium high blood pressure treatments have come to the forefront as a possible solution for reducing high blood pressure.  Does it work?  The data is not as clear as we might hope.

fresh herbs.

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral in the body. It is stored within the outer layer of the bones.  There is not much magnesium within the blood stream, and anything excess that is taken in is excreted through the kidneys.

So how can it actually work to treat high blood pressure then.

Some studies show that when people eat foods that are rich in magnesium there is a controlling effect over blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. At one time I use to take  magnesium citrate tablets in the mornings, I experienced loose stool, but when I took it say an hour or so before going to bed, I had a bowel movement in the morning upon awakening.

But this is not what you want your body to become accustomed to. Bowel movement should be a natural process of the body, so I do not recommend you taking magnesium tables over a long period of time.

Recent data shows that it is in fact an important tool in regulating blood pressure, even if it is high. And, remember any high blood pressure treatments that complement your drugs are always good.  In these studies, magnesium seems to be a tool for protection, though, rather than a medication for improvement of high blood pressure.

Read more here on magnesium and hypertension from the US National Library of Medicine.

I highly recommend eating magnesium rich foods. So those who eat a diet rich in this mineral may in fact have lower blood pressure.  But one of the problems with this study is that it looked at diets that were rich in magnesium rather than supplement use of the nutrient.  Foods such as: Juice
  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Whole grains

  • Fiber

These foods themselves are known resources for controlling high blood pressure.  In other words, it may not be the magnesium itself that is working to control the high blood pressure. 

Rather the use of these foods which contain antioxidants and nutrients known for fighting off blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

Richard's Story

Richard was recommended to me after going to his periodontist who told him his blood pressure was 240/115. I don't know how he was still walking around, but those numbers had him scared for his life. He had stopped taking his blood pressure medications due to the many side effects.


I'm telling you I was also scared but I demanded he commit to a specific diet for the initial two weeks designed by Dr. Walter Kempner, in the 1940s, of Duke University, that is naturally low in salt, fat, protein and extremely high in dietary potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and other important nutrients. But also, he had to get his cardiologist supervision before starting this program.

Back then in the 1940s, when this nutritional therapy was created blood pressure medications were not available. People just dropped dead.  It worked for Richard. It took over three months for him to achieve normalcy and is now a student of my program, overcome high blood pressure.

Overcome high blood pressure online program is not as stringent like his initial starting diet that I only provide to my one-on-one coaching clients that provides their doctor's consent.

What Role Does Potassium Play?

A high potassium diet, it is stated, may give you an edge in overcoming hypertension, so how does it relate to this magnesium high blood pressure treatment plan?

High potassium foods include, banana, oranges, peaches, prunes, strawberries, beans, carrots, yogurt, Dulse - seaweed, spinach, sweet potato to name a few that moves your potassium-sodium ratio back into balance with maintaining normal blood pressure levels.

In addition to containing high levels of nutrients and antioxidant rich foods, a magnesium rich diet also contains a strong level of potassium as well.  Potassium, by itself, has been shown to have many benefits with high blood pressure.  It is known to reduce blood pressure and to help prevent hypertension.

Thus, it may not be the magnesium in this diet that is aiding in the control of high blood pressure, but rather the potassium.

Magnesium High Blood Pressure And Your Diet

There is no data to support that magnesium supplements can be helpful at controlling blood pressure, though it helps in the regulation of calcium which is helpful if you suffer from high blood pressure.  Also, when you take the citrate supplements it tends to bond better to oxalate in your intestines.

Of importance here is minerals are essential for health, and I'm talking about calcium, magnesium, potassium, with your body also needing certain microminerals, such as chromium, for healthy blood pressure.

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