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Home Blood Pressure Monitors:
Do You Need It?

Home blood pressure monitors can be highly helpful to some individuals. For others, it is a good investment, but it may prove to be very helpful in the long term.  It can be a life-saver. Benefit from this advanced color-coded hypertension indicator that shows your systolic and diastolic readings and can detect Arrhythmia.

Ozeri CardioTech Travel Series BP6T Rechargeable Blood Pressure Monitor with Hypertension Indicator

First, note that anyone can benefit from the use of a blood pressure monitor especially if they are at risk for developing high or low blood pressure, or they have one of these conditions already. There are no symptoms of high blood pressure. Therefore, monitoring is really the only way to know if you have the condition.

This is a new type of blood pressure monitor that has an advanced color-coded hypertension indicator that shows your systolic and diastolic readings in colors and can detect Arrhythmia.

Ozeri CardioTech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Features

According to the color codes, if your reading is normal the color green is shown, if you are pre-hypertensive then the color seen is orange, and if you see red then your measurements are stating that you have high blood pressure.

The Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Color Alert Technology stores recordings for two individuals holding a total of eighty readings - forty each - with date and time of recordings.

An additional feature of these new types of home blood pressure monitors is the new measure while inflate technology that automatically inflates to the appropriate level while reducing measurement time. A very cool feature. There is no need for you to do any adjustments everything is automatically done for you.

Clinically proven technology is build in that has an automatic irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) detection. And, there is a push button feature that gives you access to your averaged blood pressure readings also.

It is portable, very accurate with simple to use wrist cuff design, especially helpful if you have an above average arm size. Comes with a carrying case for travel and is backed by a five year warranty.

For some people knowing their measurements is more important. Therefore, blood pressure monitors are especially helpful in the following situations:

  1. If you are just starting blood pressure treatment, monitoring at home can help doctors adjust treatments to meet your needs

  2. .
  3. If you are pregnant, the condition preeclampsia can develop quickly. Select an appropriate monitor.

  4. If you need to monitor your blood pressure more often than doctor's visits can offer because of a health condition such as kidney disease, heart disease or diabetes, these monitors can be life saving.

  5. If you are elderly, it is a good idea. Those who experience white coat hypertension (which worsens with age) may need to have this monitor.

  6. Doctors may request the use of an at home blood pressure monitor to rule out white coat hypertension (where you have a high blood pressure reading at the doctor's office, but not at home.)

  7. If you may have masked hypertension, where you have normal readings at the doctor's office, but high readings at home, this tool is a life saver.

Should Everyone Have Home Blood Pressure Monitors?

Yes, everyone is a good candidate for the use of a home blood pressure monitoring system. Those who have atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias are the best candidates for this product. This new device, the Ozeri CardioTech Travel Series BP6T Rechargeable Blood Pressure Monitor with Hypertension Indicator will give you a good reading.

Also, if you believe the at home monitor is not working properly, ask your doctor to compare these readings with those from the office.

Making The Decision To Purchase A BP Monitor

Home monitors can help save your life, if you have high blood pressure. Keep in mind that in order for these monitors to work and do what they should, you have to be responsible enough to take your readings every day at the same time each day.

This is the only way to get an accurate reading to use to compare to the next day.

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