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High Blood Pressure In Women Is A Problem

High blood pressure in women is a significant health risk. High blood pressure can affect everyone, including children, but if you are a woman, your chances of developing high blood pressure skyrocket after the age of 35.

For those who are considering their health conditions right now, the good news is that if blood pressure is elevated and doctors find it, they can treat the condition and reduce the risks associated with this problem.

Still, some things are different from women and men when it comes to high blood pressure. For example, estrogen helps to protect a woman from developing heart disease, in most cases.

Before menopause, estrogen levels are higher and they help to reduce the risk of a heart attack. However, after menopause, estrogen levels are lower and that could increase the chances of having a heart attack.

Also important to consider in older women is calcium supplements. These are often recommended for women that are older because they help to increase the amount of available calcium that the body needs.

However, they can cause an increase in blood pressure if you take them when you already have high blood pressure.

Further, calcium supplements can cause interactions with some medications used to treat high blood pressure.  Inform your doctor if you have these conditions.

Pregnancy And High Blood Pressure In Women, High Blood Pressure In Women Is A Problem

One of the biggest concerns for women who have high blood pressure is pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy itself can sometimes increase blood pressure to dangerous levels, which may harm mother and baby.

Doctors will likely carefully monitor blood pressure throughout pregnancy to ensure that both are protected from this condition.  Occasionally a pregnant woman will suddenly develop complications, like preeclampsia, that puts her fetus and herself at risk.

HBP Treatment Equals Lifestyle Change

Some things are the same for men and women, such as the treatment options for high blood pressure.

The biggest improvements come from making changes to your lifestyle. This includes no smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and by reducing weight if you're overweight or obese.  These things can make a significant difference in your overall health. Further, it is sometimes important to use supplements to help control blood pressure.

There are many instances when the need for medications is necessary because blood pressure is simply too high.  Work to improve your lifestyle and other risk factors and you may be able to stop taking these medications.

Like men, high blood pressure in women can increase your chances of having a stroke or a heart attack.  It can shorten your life too.

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