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High Blood Pressure Foods:
Improve Your Diet

If you have HBP, there are some high blood pressure foods that are important to consider, as well as lifestyle changes and medications. You can lower your blood pressure with food.

The food you eat, is used by your body as nutrition. Although your body needs nutrition, there are some forms of food that can actually do damage to your body, including to your blood vessels.

If your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure or the risk for it, your diet is a critical place to start to avoid the complications of this life shortening condition.

Some foods can actually help you lower your high blood pressure.

Although doctors warn that you should not stop taking medications that you are prescribed, you may be able to get a bit of a break if you consume foods that are known to aid in lowering blood pressure, like the following:

  • Garlic is an excellent resource for lowering blood pressure because it works to thin the blood making it easier for your heart to pump.

  • Celery is one of the known foods that can help you to reduce your blood pressure because it works to open up the blood vessels and has a great deal of potassium, which offsets the effects of sodium.

  • Vegetables are always a good option in total. The key here is to eat a rainbow of color in your vegetables since this will help you to get enough of the antioxidants you need into your body.

These are just some of the foods that you need to take into consideration. Overall the goal you have is to eat a well balanced diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

High Blood Pressure Foods That Do Not Help

There are some foods that should not be part of your high blood pressure diet. This includes foods like the following:

  • All foods that are high in sodium, since sodium hampers the kidney's ability to remove excess water from the body.

  • Foods that are rich in fats, especially saturated fats called trans fats. These slow down the heart’s ability to pump blood effectively.

  • Alcohol causes an immediate stimulation of the heart's pumping, which raises blood pressure to high levels.

When it comes to high blood pressure foods, remember that they can play an important role player in your overall health. Keep an eye on what you eat to help you lower your blood pressure naturally.

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