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Hearing Loss And Its Links To Chronic Diseases

Discovering that hearing loss may also be due to high blood pressure was a surprised finding to me.  Not only does noise damage the minuscule hair cells in your inner ear that transmit sounds to your brain, but so does chronic diseases.

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Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and years of loud noise are impactful. The pleasant surprise to all of this is there’s hope. If you quit smoking, you could reduce your loss of hearing risk by 189%. What!!! Yes as per this book 'Supercharge Your Health - Proven Ways to Prevent Illness, page 192 on Hearing Loss!

Normally we are told the elderly hearing tend to worsen with age. So when we heard them keep saying ‘What” we all thought oh they are getting old and their hearing is diminishing.

Now younger kids are experiencing this problem due to the constant wearing of ear plugs.

What Causes Hearing Loss

We are born with about 16,000 hair cells and we can lose as much as one-half of them before we notice we are not hearing well.

When these minuscule hair cells in our inner ear are damaged, it then affects how sound is transmitted to our brain. Once these cells die, they cannot be replaced.

At the same time not everyone’s hearing reacts in the same way. Because you and I can experience it differently in each ear that makes the conclusion inconclusive for us to question is there some other reason for the different results.

Yes, there is…. Now they’re saying it could be some genetic component to hearing loss.

When I did my research on the different blood types within the hum body, I learned that if you had type O blood you are at a higher risk of noise-related hearing loss.

Then there’s also the type of blood pressure medication you are using for your treatment. I found out that loop diuretics, which they say is more effective than the thiazide diuretics for ridding the body of salt and water.

Also when you take this drug one of the side effect is ringing in the ears, one of the symptoms to watch for in loss of hearing.

Since I learned all this, plus that I am of blood type O, I’m being extra careful. I am all about lowering noise.

But to learn that while aging naturally you have to make sure these chronic diseases; high blood pressure and diabetes not only damages your internal organs but can impact your inner ears.


My next reaction was how to go about keeping hearing sharp and clear. What specific steps can you take?

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking.

We all know smoking is bad for health, but for me this does not apply because I have never smoked in my life.

Still, it has been proven that smoking definitely increases your risk. It weakens the hair cells within the ear that transmit sound to your brain, affecting the flow of blood and oxygen to the inner ear.

The risk to hearing loss was between 33 to 189 percent. That’s a very wide margin.

Treating Your Hearing Loss With The Foods You Enjoy

Food is now the foundation and of high importance in treating practically all the health issues of the human body.

They say noise damages to the ears stimulates the production of free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, but if you are exposed to too much noise those antioxidants cannot keep up.

Each research used different types of vitamins and minerals on different groups of individuals. 

Magnesium filled juice. Quit smoking.

Of interest to me was the ease of implementation in one research. They discovered that drinking juice containing 112 milligrams of magnesium for ten days, was very effective. 

So how about having some leafy green vegetables juice.

At the end of the 10 days, they exposed the individuals to white noise designed to exhaust the cochlear hair cells. But the group recovered their hearing more rapidly after the magnesium filled juice.

The discovery was magnesium helps cells use energy better, the kind of energy you need to repair noise-induced damage.

Again, age-related hearing loss happens due to the nature of chronic diseases that impedes blood flow to the inner ear, but it seems like it can be corrected or helped with the right type of specific treatment.

One of the key steps you can take in protecting your hearing loss was to include specific minerals and vitamins into your diet.

The amazing thing about this is these minerals and vitamins are a major addition in the correction of imbalances within the body that treats high blood pressure.

My 42-day blood pressure reduction and prevention nutrition online program is packed with these related nutritional supplements.

Imagine you’re treating more than one health issues with the one program. It is truly an optimal health plan you can start accessing today.

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