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Women's Health Concerns And What To Do!

Women’s health concerns can now be heard and better taken care of due to the fact that one in three practicing physicians is a woman. To an even higher ratio of three in five if the women physicians are in their thirties.

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Women gynecologists, cardiologist and primary care doctors truly understand more of whats happening within another woman’s body. They listen more carefully and take complaints and concerns seriously. Here's why:

  • Since we metabolize drugs differently than men. 
  • Women respond to health threats with a stronger immune system and are more likely to experience side effects.

That I know for sure because I have been that woman who experienced side effects differently and was not heard by my then doctor.


When I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure, I had a male physician to whom I repeatedly told about my cold feet. He didn’t link it to the medication he had prescribed. From my research cold feet was a side effect of Diovan, the medication I was taking at that time.

Then when I developed a persistent hacking dry cough, he just kept giving me medications to treat the cough that wasn’t working.

When I pointed out these side effects were listed on the pharmacy’s print out, he shut me down. He didn’t suggest or want to change that blood pressure medication.


I made the decision right then to change my doctor.

Women's Wellness

Another factor of how healthcare is improving for women, is because we are now being included in clinical studies. A 1993 federal mandate insured our inclusion.

These clinical studies and their findings have impacted major changes in procedures resulting in better treatments of cardiac care strategies.

Due to these clinical studies, it has helped tremendously in changing the dosage, medications, procedures for women, and so much more.

Below are some health concerns and preventative measures that you can do to help yourself. 

Women's Health Concerns And What To Do!

Heart Disease

Published reports state that women are more likely to die from their first heart attack. We tend to seek medical care later, resulting in bad outcomes. 

Pregnant woman.

Women have different symptoms from men, and are diagnosed to be in distress later. Even misdiagnosed.

Also when pregnant women develop hypertension, they are two to five times more like to develop cardiovascular disease later in life. But we’re not even being made aware of all these risks so that we can make the proper decision about our self-care.


Known symptoms of heart disease especially for women are heart pressure, fatigue, breathlessness and pain between the shoulder blades.


Here are my preventive strategies that’s part of my holistic health concerns plan:

  • Include more plant-based meals that is likely to lower LDL levels and help in your weight loss goal.
Menopausal women.
  • Eating nuts several times a week help to lower risk of a heart attack, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Older women with a high fitness level have an even lower risk of dying from heart disease compared to women that are out of shape.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers that regulates your blood pressure, your mood, to hunger and even in the role of reproduction.

There has been significant improvement in the treatments of female hormonal issues. 

For instance, in 1999 I went into early menopause due to the removal of my fibroids, then was prescribed hormone treatments. Back then one of the ingredients in hormonal treatment had in horse urine.

No, no...I rejected it and didn’t take it.

Now there are better treatment options for women to transition into menopause.

Environmental Toxins

Now I have clients coming to me saying their doctors are treating them for health issues caused by environmental toxins.

Known common symptoms:  As you know hormones regulate your body’s processes so your symptoms may include fatigue, weight gain or loss, weakness or even erratic menstrual cycles.

Preventive strategies: If you can grow your own foods as much as possible or buy organic and avoid using toxic chemicals within your home.

Replace your kitchen containers with glass, replace cooking pans with ceramic or cast-iron.

When I was growing up my Mother and Grandmother cooked in cast-iron pots and the foods were delicious. To this day, and because of them I also use cast-iron pots and luckily never got caught up in the Teflon craze.

Another preventative measure is to use chemical-free cosmetic and shampoos. Please I want you to learn more from this Environmental Working Group.

Although women’s health concerns have changed for the better, much more remains to be done.

So who do you know that may need help in getting the results they desire? Share this page with them and have them send me a note today.

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