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Discover How Your Gut Health Is Linked To Fiber And Probiotics

Your gut health is linked to your digestive wellness and your overall health. They say 80% of diseases were traced back to the gut, and also it relates to your mental, physical and emotional health. ‘Healthy gut is a healthy you’ is a slogan to live by. Here’s why!

Food affects your whole being. Food enters your bloodstream, gut, and your blood then creates your cells, tissues and organs. It has the power to regenerate the new you.

Fruit Platter.

Fiber keeps the digestive system in good working order — but it does plenty more. It has a powerful effect on health and longevity? It turns out there are many ways that fiber works its magic.

  • Boost good bacteria in the gut: “Fiber doesn’t digest, it ferments. By the time it reaches the colon, the fermented material supplies food to help those good bacteria multiply and thrive. A healthy supply of good bacteria can have far-reaching health effects, such as strengthening the immune system and helping to control inflammation.

  • Reduce inflammation: Chronic inflammation has been linked to many diseases, such as arthritis, certain cancers and even Alzheimer’s.

I remember this movie ‘Cold Pursuit, where one of the actors was telling his ex-wife what his son should be eating and demands that his son keep things simple in the gut’.  At the time I found funny but now realize how important and impactful that statement truly is. 

Are you doing enough to support your gut health and treat your high blood pressure at the same time? When you’re experiencing diarrhea or other ailments it is usually your gut telling you something is off.

Research suggests that your digestive wellness is linked to your overall health. So if you are interested in maintaining a healthy gut, consider adding probiotic, a health promoting bacteria, whether in food format or a supplement to your routine. When choosing the right probiotic supplement keep in mind that they are not all created equal.

Some known beneficial forms of probiotic are found in fermented foods like yogurt, pickles and sauerkraut.

Lets achieve a greater balance in all areas of life through diet and lifestyle modifications.

Gut Health, Human Microbiome And The Control Of Your Health

Your gut health is connected to nearly every organ and system within the human body. From disorders of your hormones and mood disorders, to inflammation, allergies, and stress can create a compromised that wreaks havoc on your everyday life.

Human microbiome was discovered quite recently, with more than 70% of the human immune system found in the lining of the gut. Its discovery has changed the way the medical world thinks about health and disease.

Microbiome is a term for the trillions of living organisms that reside in and on the human body. Approximately 100 trillion microorganisms live in your gut; and to give you a better perspective, that’s up to ten times the number of cells that makes up the body itself.

Scientists state microbiome imbalance has direct connections to practically every chronic disease state in humans and contribute to:

Cracked Heart.
  • Heart and other cardiovascular disorders – high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and atherosclerosis.

  • Metabolic disorders – type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  • Intestinal disorders – irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer.

  • Brain disorders – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and autism.

  • Mental health and mood disorders – major depression, and anxiety.

It impacts the overall balance to the state of your health and to the many diseases that affects humans. When in proper balance protect us from underlying inflammation, leaky gut, and other fundamental disorders that lead to ill health.

Doing all you can to restore the all-important balance to the human microbiome is critical. Microbiome abnormalities are suspects in many autoimmune diseases so it is hoped probiotic therapies may be developed to treat and possibly prevent them.

The adding of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics to your daily diet supports healthy immune functions that helps us ward off many illnesses, including general gut health, cardiovascular and brain health and immune function.

What Is Probiotics?

Yogurt. and ripe banana.

Probiotics is a living bacteria with beneficial properties that restore balance to the human microbiomes, helping the human body to self-heal.

Drugs don’t help in the support of beneficial organisms. It leaves us vulnerable to a wide range of chronic disease, of which high blood pressure is one. In fact, it can make matters worse by suppressing the growth of these beneficial organisms.

Happier gut and a healthier life.

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