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Kick Female Sexual Dysfunction To The Side!

Lets Reclaim Those Sexy Feelings!!

We don’t hear about female sexual dysfunction, but it exists and its not your fault. Women are naturally sexual beings; I’ll go further and state sexual Goddesses. Sex is an important part of life making time for it is something both you and your partner should plan for and look forward to. Make sure it is a regular part of your life.

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You can get back those sexual feelings and live the sexy life. For some women diagnosed with high blood pressure there might be a lessening in their sex drive.

Lets change the course of female sexual dysfunction here and now by stimulating certain areas of the body, that I outlined in my free gift when you join my newsletter; but for now I am suggesting:

  • Be open: In the bedroom don’t be shy or inhibited sexually, then you won’t enjoy sex much. Try to overcome your shyness and explore in a safe atmosphere where you feel safe. There is no right or wrong way so long as both of you agree.

  • Be as knowledgeable as possible: Having good sex come with you and your partner knowing what pleases both of you sexually. Express your wants and needs and encourage your partner to open up. Knowing what turns both of you on makes getting into the act relaxing and fun.

Sexual Disorders

The many health issues that women go through like menopause, hysterectomy, the stress of working long hours plus the pressure of running a household with small children. Those are heavy duty roles and health issues that’s looked at as normal issues for women, affects the body deeply.

Then to put on top of that the medications that may have been prescribed that may be beneficial to your ailment, may be detrimental to you.

Apart from high blood pressure, obesity highly contributes to female sexual dysfunction in many ways.

Obesity is linked to many devastating conditions when it comes to your health. It is linked to heart disease, joint pain, hearing loss, gastrointestinal problems and in many cases female sexual dysfunction.

The shame of their body deterring lots of women from relationships. Granted that in itself is not a dysfunction but to me it is one of the many sexual disorders.

Sexual Desire

Some women are given hormones for oral contraception that seems to increase their blood pressure. With the increase in blood pressure a drug treatment is prescribed to now lower that blood pressure.

You know the body is confused and so imbalance occurs.

Sexual Healing

The root of female sexual dysfunction seems to be linked to a nutritious diet.

Enjoying two days a week of vegetarian meals studies show that strokes and heart disease are uncommon, blood pressure tend not to rise with age, and not suffer sexual dysfunction.

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The reason isn’t because you are eating less meat but the lack of obesity to mostly vegetarian eater who consume a wholesome quality of fruits and vegetables that offers a balancing of minerals.

With how to overcome high blood pressure online program the fruits and vegetables are loaded with both potassium and magnesium. With a diet that includes lots of plant foods have a significantly higher ratio of potassium to sodium.

These individuals had both systolic and diastolic blood pressure that were significantly lower.


Sexual healing seems to be helped along when an individual includes a vegetarian diet, their incidence of hypertension drops.

I am not saying you have to eat vegetarian meals alone to have a lower-than-average blood pressure. What I am saying is that it’s the balance between the amount of potassium and sodium you eat is more important than the absolute amounts that counts.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Some women notice a decline in their libido after experiencing menopause. Reason for this can be her levels of testosterone, which play a role in sexual desire. While for some women the postmenopausal period experienced heightened sexual desire and activity.

But female sexual dysfunction I think goes much deeper. 

For some women their partner may be ill or has fears of impotence, so they won’t participate anymore; or marital happiness is lacking. Then there’s pain with intercourse and also the available of a suitable partner is just as important.

Let me be clear about this statement….. Masters and Johnson have stated that sex drive is not related to estrogen levels and does not automatically decline with menopause.

Lifestyle changes such as improved diet, weight loss, increased physical activity, along with the measuring of testosterone and DHEA levels have an impact on removing female sexual dysfunction.

To overcome some of this sexual dysfunction is to feel good about your body, no matter the size, look at it as God’s gift to you being here. And then do the work necessary for changes to happen. That includes enhancing your treatments with mind, body and soul techniques that does not include any drugs.


With the right lifestyle changes, female sexual dysfunction can be eliminated. Eating just enough is a challenge here in the United States. Though with this pandemic the super-size society we are known as seems to have disappeared.

Warning: The taking of blood pressure medication is serious stuff. Do not suddenly stop taking it on your own. You could trigger your own heart attack, a stroke or sudden death. Any change in or to your current medication should only be done in consultation with your doctor.

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